Some mid-week links…

…while I work out what to do with four souvenir subversive bottles of Watson’s water. I’m assuming the bottles will keep their future rare collectors’ item/heritage value if the contents have been used (distilled water is good for pickling).

On Apple DailyHKFP talks to the paper’s staff in their last day or two on the job. Bloomberg recalls a time when the authorities tried to help keep media owners out of jail…

…the government decided against charging newspaper owner Sally Aw in a case of circulation fraud to boost sales figures, even though she was named as a co-conspirator by the anti-corruption agency … partly because “the prosecution of the chairman of a well-established and important media group at that time could have led to the failure of the group, which would have sent a very bad message to the international community.”

(If I remember correctly, the government also cited Sing Tao‘s role as an employer as a reason.)

At a press conference, Chief Executive Carrie Lam gets whiny about foreign disapproval of the destruction of a free press, and about overseas media ‘beautification’ of acts that endanger national security (more in HKFP and the Guardian).

As a reminder that the NatSec Regime’s incessant paranoid freak-outs have people on edge, a minor routine change to HSBC’s online-banking terms and conditions triggers panicky rumours among Hongkongers convinced that the bank is moving to curb capital flight by cutting off access to their accounts while overseas. Now once-unthinkable injustices have become weekly norms, it doesn’t sound unbelievable.

In case you missed it: a Globular Times ‘journalist’ tweets a pic of a Hong Kong ‘bus’ tastefully ‘decorated’ in CCP 100th anniversary slogans and logos, ‘providing residents with a rare opportunity to know more about the Party’ – and you won’t believe what happened next

Exciting news from the Civil Service Most Mind-Boggling Bureaucracy Competition. Everyone had assumed that the much-coveted award had been won – with ease – by the Treasury’s magnificently unfathomable Buy Stuff at Big Stores Voucher Scheme. But, in a last-minute burst of inter-departmental rivalry, the plucky public servants at the Food and Health Bureau pipped them at the post with an utter giant hairball of ‘not exact science’ Covid rules for gatherings, restaurants, quarantine, etc that are so complex that several of the bureaucrats drafting it disappeared somewhere among the sub-paragraphs and have still not been found.

Some excerpts from For the Love of Hong Kong by Hana Meihan Davis, with an intro by Geremie Barme.

And Lennon Wall – an interactive archive of Hong Kong protest movement images removed from Mainland social media.

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12 Responses to Some mid-week links…

  1. Mark Bradley says:

    Is it misogynistic to call Carrie Lam a fucking twat and cunt? Because she’s the biggest cunt in HK. I fucking hate her more than CY and that dickhead is way up the list too.

  2. Low Profile says:

    @Mark Bradley – whether misogynistic or not, it’s probably a violation of the NSL (no matter how many millions would agree with it).

  3. Reactor Numero Cuatro says:

    Although I am of a blueish hue, I am not so keen on brainwashing programmes that are targeted at youngsters. To this end, the following is of concern.

  4. Mark Bradley says:

    “Although I am of a blueish hue, I am not so keen on brainwashing programmes that are targeted at youngsters.”

    So are we in agreement that NSL brainwashing programmes that are targeted at youngers are also bad? I want to see you write it instead of doing lame whataboutisms (and at least UK doesn’t have freakouts over independence movements and indeed actually lets people campaign and hold referendums for them).

  5. A Poor Man says:

    Anyone see the Falun Gong lately? They haven’t set up their display at Soy and Sai Yeung Choi in MK for the past few weeks.

  6. Paul Lewis says:

    But there is a video on Twitter of the tram in full 100 red regalia moving along, so there is such a tram in existence.
    This photo and photoshop story just middies the waters, and people loose credibility
    This just shows how everyone needs to research a bit on anything you find on the Internet.
    Something we can do in Hong Kong, at the moment.
    Never argue with someone on the mainland, they are ignorant.
    Ignorant because they don’t have access to the rest of the worlds media to judge stories for themselves

  7. YTSL says:

    @ A Poor Man — I’ve (also) not seen the Falun Gong about in Causeway Bay the last few times I’ve been in the area (including this evening). Scary. Not that I’m a fan of theirs but they’re yet another canary in the coalmine for me. So not seeing them about is indeed a worry.

    On the subject of a major canary in the coalmine: Apple Daily… 🙁

  8. Reactor Numero Cuatro says:


    Yes I condemn the NSL brainwashing of HK youngsters as well. It has me quite concerned.

  9. Baden Powell #4 says:

    Judging from past and current comments, Dipshit IV regularly shows himself/itself concerned about youngsters.

  10. Red Dragon says:

    “Reactor Numero Cuatro” cannot possibly be “Reactor #4”.

    The latter is incapable of making such an elegant concession.

  11. Réacteur Numéro Quatre says:

    @ Red Dragon


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