Primary election = subversion, walking alone = illegal assembly

The cases of 47 pan-dem activists accused of ‘subversion’ (taking part in a pre-election primary poll) are moved to the High Court. This could mean they get a jury, though since the CCP deems a primary election a national-security threat, this sounds unlikely. It also means they could receive sentences of up to life in prison, which in theory should also sound wildly unlikely – but where the courts are concerned these days, anything goes.

‘Grandma’ (actually a fairly spritely 65) Alexandra Wong gets arrested for unauthorized assembly while alone. This raises all sorts of possibilities – maybe rioting in your own home, or conspiracy with yourself. (The cops have since let her go. This was presumably ‘punishment’ for the banners she carried: if her placard had been advertising PCCW broadband, there would have been no problem.)

Some mid-week reading…

From HKFP, the insult that would be a ‘race’ between Carrie Lam and CY Leung to be Chief Executive; not only is the CE ‘election’ a farce predetermined in Beijing, but the office of CE itself is now little more than a puppet. As with LegCo, right-thinking people should treat the charade with disdain, and limit their participation to poking fun at official announcements and ill-informed media reports suggesting an ‘election’ is happening.

If you ever thought Hong Kong schools should focus a bit more on music, here’s some good news: new NatSec Regime guidelines urge the teaching of patriotic (presumably CCP-spun) songs from the Sino-Japanese war of 1937-45.

Today’s must-read: Jeffrey Wasserstrom in Mekong Review on remembering June 4.

How to deal with Tiananmen denialists on-line. A good briefing on how on-line disinfo/propaganda spreaders do their thing. (Cue another from HKFP – the disinformation campaign about the first-aider shot in the eye on August 11 2019.) 

In-depth article on the planning and ideological aspects of Xi Jinping’s model socialist new city south of Beijing. Xiong’an represents a resurgence of the state vis-a-vis the private sector, and the North over the South. Unlike, say, Deng’s Shenzhen.

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9 Responses to Primary election = subversion, walking alone = illegal assembly

  1. donkeyccp says:

    I probably know the answer to my own question, but here goes anyway: “Does the CCP really not understand that they create so many paradoxes and contradictions and deluded paranoid projections onto the public that they actually create the hate and the antagonism towards their ideology?”

    I presume the answer is, “They do not understand this.”

  2. Big Al says:

    I think the answer is “They do understand this but they don’t give a shit”.

  3. Andrew Mountford says:


    They neither understand nor do they care.

  4. so says:

    Readers interested in ideology may wish to view this explanation of “The Sound Of One Hand Clapping”

  5. Chris Maden says:

    @donkeyccp: the CCP does not do understanding. They do power.

  6. Toph says:

    @donkeyccp: we’re talking about a government headed by a man who looks back upon the Cultural Revolution with fondness and nostalgia. Public sentiment is just another cudgel to wield against his enemies. The delusional projections are a test of loyalty, one that as far as they’re concerned, Hong Kong is failing.

  7. Stanley Lieber says:

    Many incisive comments today.

  8. Chinese Netizen says:

    “if her placard had been advertising PCCW broadband, there would have been no problem.)”

    Not necessarily. More like if she was carrying for China Mobile or China Telecom.

  9. Even Lower Profile says:

    Given Japan’s barbaric behaviour in the Sino-Japanese war of 1937-45, it would be in extremely poor taste to counter the Education Bureau’s move by reviving some Japanese patriotic songs from that era. Forget I even mentioned it.

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