Feeling a tiny prick today

Off attending an important appointment at Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park Sports Centre. (Not because I am above a certain age or doing an essential job, but because this is an Epistocracy, and I am too knowledgeable to be put at risk. Oh yes.)

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  1. Stanley Lieber says:

    The adverse reactions to the Chinese vaccines, and the Moderna and AZ vaccines, give me pause. Soon the world will be awash with the Pfizer and J&J vaccines. I’m going to wait for them if I can.

  2. Provaxer says:

    Dear Stanley,
    If you had taken the time of Googling a bit before sharing your valuable opinion you would know that the Pfizer vaccine is available in Hong Kong (It’s the same as Biontech).
    Now go get your appointment. You’re welcome.

  3. dopey says:

    Wifey and I booked ours this morning. BioNTech is the common denominator with the Pfizer vaccine, no?

    I understand and respect people being cautious, but given the large numbers vaccinated throughout the world I’m quietly confident that relatively healthy people should fall within the common side effect bands when vaccinated.

  4. Henry says:

    Stanley – you can get the Pfizer vaccine now. No need to wait, not even if you can……

  5. Hamantha says:

    The Sinovac jab should be entirely disallowed, and for reasons that have nothing to do with its questionable safety record, or its suspicious dearth of publicly available trial data.

    The main reason has to do with its low 50-60% efficacy, which inevitably leads to some major, and very undesirable, outcomes.

    First, it will give the recipients of this vaccine a false sense of security and safety, as they have a coinflip’s odds of being sufficiently protected. Second, it will allow the virus more time and immunological leeway to evolve against antibodies that are shared across vaccines, a phenomenon which has already been proven to occur in those with weakened immune systems who have received plasma donated by those who already recovered from COVID-19.

    If Sinovac is widely used, either here or elsewhere, one can expect another wave of new-and-improved COVID-21 to follow not far behind. Yay!

  6. YTSL says:

    @Stanley Lieber — in case you didn’t realize, the BioNTech vaccine is the Pfizer vaccine by another name.

  7. Chris Maden says:

    I’m all set to get Pfizerbionteched up, get the whole thing over with and get back on the streets masked up for non-medical reasons.

  8. Big Al says:

    Interesting to note on the OOTHOTMOFAOTPRCITHKSAR(!) website (http://www.fmcoprc.gov.hk/eng/fwxx/wgrqz/t1860509.htm) there is a “Notice on Visa Facilitation for Applicants Inoculated with COVID-19 Vaccines Produced in China”. This says, in effect, that foreigners who have demonstrated their patriotism and love for the CCP by throwing caution to the wind and being inoculated with China-made vaccines can apply (assuming they survive) for China visas via a fast-track system, without proof of a negative COVID-19 test. I guess some vaccines are more equal than others. Everyone else has to go through a more convoluted route, probably involving an anal swab or having to listen to Vagina IP (tick preference).
    I assume, in response, other countries who have developed their own vaccines will apply similar measures for visa applications for their countries?

  9. Jason says:

    @Stanley – you can book either a Pfizer BioNTech or Sinovac – your choice- right now at Covidvaccine.gov.hk

  10. Mjrelje says:

    Please re-read the choices on the http://www.covidvaccine.gov.HK booking site. It’s either Sinovac or BioNtech/Fosun. Pfizer is not a part of it. Fosun paid Squillions to be the manufacturer for Greater China. It’s nothing to do with Pfizer who only have the US licence. I would rather wait for AZ or J&J too.

  11. Low Profile says:

    @Hamantha -as I understand it, it’s not quite that straightforward. The Sinovac jab has a lower efficacy rate in preventing infection, but does greatly reduce the effects of the disease in vaccinated persons who do get infected. For that reason, many experts were saying that it’s better for vulnerable groups to get it if they would otherwise have a long wait for a different vaccine.

  12. MS says:

    The BioNtech/Fosun jabs that Hong Kong has received so far have been manufactured in Germany. Fosus bought the exclusive rights for sales and distribution in China (including Hong Kong). They are not manufacturing it (yet).

  13. reductio says:

    Booked and ready to go with BioNTech. Surprisingly easy to do.

  14. Jason says:

    @Mjrelje the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccines we are receiving in Hong Kong came directly from Germany on a Cathay Pacific flight, which, according to the SCMP, was met on arrival by Cathay Pacific brass, (though no HK Government brass).
    Fosun is the Pfizer/BioNTech distributor for Greater China (including Taiwan).
    Fosun has built or is building an ultra-low storage distribution centre in Shanghai, and the Hong Kong vaccines were originally expected to arrive earlier and via Shanghai – I’m not sure why they were late and came directly from Germany.
    Fosun have also agreed in principle to manufacture the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine in China under licence – according to Reuters 30 December 2020:
    “Fosun Pharma had said it aims to move from importing finished vaccine from the German company to conducting some filling procedures on its own, using imported bulk ingredients and then eventually making vaccines from scratch, though it has not announced a specific timeline.
    Fosun this month said it will buy at least 100 million doses of vaccine from BioNTech for use in mainland China next year if the vaccine receives regulatory approval in the country.”

  15. Chinese Netizen says:

    Oh great, I see it happening: Fast track into mainland China if you’ve been jabbed by the CCP approved vax (except the leaders and their families, who’ll have access to outside brands) and then other nations creating hurdles for entry to mainland Chinese BECAUSE they have (unless proven otherwise) the CCP vax.

    Wouldn’t be surprised to see factions in the States with GOP/MAGAtard vaccines versus bleeding heart, “progressive” vaccines. Won’t happen though since the MAGAtards are all anti vaxxers anyway. MAGA!!

  16. Stanley Lieber says:


    Thank you all for your kind concern and helpful advice!

    I saw “BioTech” (Sinovac) when it clearly says “BioNTech” (Pfizer).

    My bad!

    Your hawk-like vigilance is much appreciated!

    I will sign up immediately!

  17. steve says:

    In the US, some 50% of self-identified Republican males say they will never get a vaccine.

    Imagine that: These people don’t even have a vagina and they’re still scary idiots!

  18. YTSL says:

    @ Mjrelje — Check out the following Twitter thread which begins with a Tweet stating thus:-
    “Psst: originally they are different candidates and might be different vaccines, but the Fosun’s choice failed in testing stage and only the Pfizer one succeeded so they’re PRECISELY the same vaccine.”


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