Beijing’s image in a pickle

We’re struggling to keep up with the horrors the CCP is inflicting on Hong Kong. The big topic when people are not social distancing is whether (and when and where) to emigrate – a debate reflected in a Reuters feature on activists’ different reactions to the NatSec Regime. Pettiness driven by official humiliation continues at Prince Edward MTR station, where the police are going to abnormal lengths to prevent people from laying flowers at the end of every month. And the Transport Department emerges as a strong contender for Complete Idiocy of the Week Award after vetoing the personalized licence plate ‘BE WATER’, on traffic-safety grounds, obviously.

At the same time, Beijing is excelling itself in spreading its own unique brand of obnoxiousness – its perversely shocking, semi-entertaining version of ‘soft power’ – around the world.

There’s the embarrassing attempt to prove that the Covid virus originated outside China. On a lighter note, state media are attempting to appropriate the label ‘kimchi’ for pao cai. As a seasoned (haha) fermenter of both, I could drone on about the differences. Among other things, the central Chinese include Sichuan pepper and white liquor in their pickled cabbage, which Koreans don’t. But – as with claims to Mongolia’s Gengis Khan – it’s almost as if they’re deliberately trying to annoy their neighbours. 

Which brings us to Oz. With all the dignity of a drunkard kicking a koala bear, the CCP is punishing Australia with selective import barriers for not kowtowing to the Emperor. (You can show your support by buying some barley, coal or iron ore. If they don’t appeal, there’s this.)

Then there’s the Chinese foreign affairs spokesman’s tweeting of that meme. Beijing’s extraordinary freaking-out over Australia seems almost designed to force incoming US President Biden away from any sort of normalization of relations with China.

Whether in Hong Kong or the wider world, Beijing seems almost determined to make itself despised. The CCP’s apologists like to claim that Hongkongers are brainwashed and Western media constantly biased against China – yet Beijing’s actions almost purposefully alienate and make admiration and respect impossible. Strange way to make friends.

Speaking of which, Carrie Lam tries to rescue her reputation by clambering over her stacks of cash to give interviews with friendly media. If you want to sympathize with her sad plight (no hobbies!), or at least have a laugh, try this charm offensive. Emphasis on ‘offensive’.

L: kimchi; R: pao cai. Lean in and sniff each one to fully appreciate the difference.
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4 Responses to Beijing’s image in a pickle

  1. Chinese Netizen says:

    “Whether in Hong Kong or the wider world, Beijing seems almost determined to make itself despised.”

    Absolutely repugnant cocksuckers (more so) ever since Emperor Xi took over the throne.

  2. Knownot says:

    “Beijing seems almost determined to make itself despised.”

    This is from an article in The Atlantic which our blogger linked to last Friday:

    “The only way to understand this behavior is through a Chinese lens. Beijing’s aggressive foreign policy is an outgrowth of the government’s insecurity and confidence. On one hand, the Communist Party is always mindful of its standing at home. There, its propaganda has crafted a narrative of China as a victim of foreign predation whose time has come to stand tall once again on the world stage (under the firm guidance of the party). That almost requires Beijing to take a hard stance in foreign disputes—anything less might be perceived as unacceptable weakness. On the other hand, China’s growing economic clout has convinced Beijing policy makers that they possess the power to assert their will over other countries.”

    I thought the word “confidence” in the second sentence might be a mistake, but it isn’t.

  3. Reactor #4 says:

    Regarding China’s “soft-power”. At least China is not a war monger. The default setting for most Western democratic nations is to have a sizable fraction of its troops fighting in at least two countries where they have no damned right being there, and in the process 4cking up millions of people’s lives. God help us when Biden takes the reins in just over seven weeks. He’s the perfect front for “exporting democracy” to the rest of the world, presumably being geed on by the Clintons and the Bushes and the whole Industrial Military Complex.

  4. Goodog says:

    Christ – this the most incompetent government foreign affairs strategy I’ve seen in my lifetime. It is achieving the absolute opposite of what it sets out to achieve.
    It is driving India, Japan, Australia and US into an unlikely military alliance together to encircle and contain China.
    It is increasing the chances of Taiwan independence.
    It is reducing foreign markets for Chinese goods.
    It is destroying all soft power gains since Tianmen.
    It is turning an emerging global power into a pariah state.
    A complete and absolute own goal.

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