Anything been happening while I was away?

Some leftover reading material while I catch up…

In ASPI Strategist, Minxin Pei on why China is engaging in such a self-destructive foreign policy. Among other things, the CCP believes the West remains so desperate for Chinese business that it will tolerate anything…

Until recently, the West’s acquiescence in the face of Chinese assertiveness appeared to have vindicated the CCP’s Hobbesian worldview. Before the rise of Trumpism and the subsequent radical shift in US policy towards China, Chinese leaders had encountered practically no pushback, despite repeatedly overplaying their hand.

But ….

The SCMP carries a comparison of Hong Kong and Northern Ireland. Maybe there are some interesting similarities – but Northern Ireland was more-or-less sorted out when two democratically elected governments in London and Dublin put differences aside and got  pragmatic. That’s not going to happen with the CCP calling all the shots. Still, if you want to be dreamily naive… 

Now that there’s draconian legislation that keeps Beijing happy, the atmosphere is surely ripe for Hong Kong to show that, as its leaders repeatedly argue, it has lost none of its ability to debate, protest and openly criticise [so] Beijing’s new leaders in the territory [will] open themselves up for regular scrutiny and rigorous questioning … Back-channel discussions on conflict resolution in private between government and its opponents were also crucial; one hopes these are actively going on right now in Hong Kong.

Doesn’t quite sound like the CCP’s style does it?

Quirky ‘thought experiment’ about how the US could help Hong Kong residents protect their savings while undermining the HK Dollar peg – without resorting to a nuclear option. (Assuming anyone would want to do this.) Essentially by providing incentives for residents to move cash offshore into US accounts.

Relax! Hong Kong’s Mainland NatSec Office boss Zheng Yanxiong has written books on making Australia’s cities livable.

How Shandong demolishes villages and, eventually, puts everyone into neat and tidy apartment blocks.

And, led by Xi ‘Rick’ Jinping, the NPC sings a special song to Hong Kong.

Will get over jetlag by Monday, probably.

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5 Responses to Anything been happening while I was away?

  1. Roddy the Rodomontade says:

    That piece about Northern Ireland is pretty naive. It totally ignores sectarianism, perceptions of identity and ethnicity, and inter-community fighting. Dodgy comparison altogether. Also, the GFA was the result of international collaboration. Can’t really see the CCP collaborating with any other governments as it’d just be seen as meddling in China’s internal affairs.

  2. Cassowary says:

    The Minxin Pei piece seems to put entirely too much weight on the Trump administration’s hostility to China. In the first place, Trump is a fickle grifter who only cares about China insofar as he can leverage his posturing into domestic popularity. And secondly, he is not likely to win a second term.

    It is true that Biden has also become more of a China sceptic, but it is not unreasonable for Beijing to gamble that the blowback will be largely symbolic and corporate America will eventually choose to take shut up and take the money.

  3. Mjrelje says:

    Such a great link to REM Pop Song. Thank you. I think the choice is even above your usual standards. Should we talk about the government?! Not that we ever do.

  4. Chinese Netizen says:

    With more sabre rattling coming from CCP goons on the mainland about an inevitable Taiwan invasion to “liberate” the folks there, the more the Free Nation of Taiwan government should allude to a few precision placed bombs/missiles at the Three Gorges Dam…

  5. where's my jet plane says:

    In the light of the inevitable eventual shutdown of the Taiwan representative office in HK through new staff having to sign a political statement to get a visa and;
    “It grants Hong Kong police sweeping powers and allows the city’s security chief to order political groups in Taiwan and elsewhere to provide information on the activities, personal details, assets, income and spending of an organisation in Hong Kong “in a prescribed manner within the specified period” I wonder how long it will it be before the likes of the British Council, Amcham and the like are raided?

    And given the extra-territorial reach of the NIL, would they dare to take on consulates?

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