What to do with 40 dozen laisee envelopes?

As his last day approaches, the Company Gwailo continues to clean out the orifice. I’ve filled up a huge (now immovable) box of books for disposal before the Illicit Publications Police come snooping. And there’s the inevitable stack of old business cards. Some will be donated to the HK Museum of Evil Radical Troublemakers…

Long Hair anticipating today’s radical trend and toppling a statue – of Tofu-for-Brains.

I also find an envelope of my father’s things – mostly photos of aircraft, but also a copy of a Singapore newspaper. Sin Chew Jit Poh was founded by Aw Boon Haw, and is related to Sing Tao (and thus the Standard) of Hong Kong. The date is Wednesday, November 20 in the 35th year of the Chinese Republic – 1946. In the news that day: Zhou Enlai walks out of the negotiations overseen by George C Marshall in Nanjing and goes to Yan’an – which led to the final full Civil War between the Communists and the Kuomintang…

A little Dragon Boat festival reading…

In Apple Daily, Michael Davies offers a good summary of the flaws and contradictions in basic principles in NatSec law…

…the crime of collusion seems aimed to stifle all international human rights advocacy.

Apple Daily has an English-platform app. (Also in media news, Now TV is being Mainlandized.)

Some detailed analysis of that disputed China-India border.

And for anyone who cares what overseas die-hard dogmatic leftists think about China and HK, New Bloom on the Qiao Collective. (I follow weirdo sub-cultures – far leftists, white nationalists, Salafi nuts, Jehovah’s Witnesses, survivalists, extreme terf/anti-terf freaks – for entertainment. Mentally unhinged = fascinating. This is about a curious subspecies of overseas Chinese tanky, who in addition to the usual struggle with contradictions (How can non-whites be imperialists? How can we defend the rights of Hongkongers when the evil boo hiss USA does it too?) have to grapple with an ethnic identity angle. The author sees this group as ‘a form of left-wing diasporic Chinese nationalism as a response to … right-wing white American nationalism’. For enthusiasts only.)

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14 Responses to What to do with 40 dozen laisee envelopes?

  1. Donkeynuts says:

    Any chance we can agree a drop off point for the books you don’t want? I’d love to rifle through the soon-to-be verboten tomes you might have collected over the years, as long as they are not pencilled through with graphic and unseemly doodles of the breasts of young Jardine’s clerks or any suggestive graffito that points to undesired political leanings, of course.

  2. Tamey Tame says:

    ‘ I follow weirdo sub-cultures – far leftists, white nationalists, Salafi nuts, Jehovah’s Witnesses, survivalists, extreme terf/anti-terf freaks – for entertainment. Mentally unhinged = fascinating’

    Hate to think what you’re going to get up to in retirement!

  3. Mark Bradley says:

    Does this mean you’re ending the Big Lychee blog? :S :S

  4. asiaseen says:

    terf (I had to look it up): “Cristan Williams defined the term as referencing “a brand of ‘radical feminism’ that is so rooted in sex essentialism and its resulting biologism.”

    I half-wish (well, may be a quarter) I knew what “sex essentialism and its resulting biologism” means.

  5. Cassowary says:

    On weird subcultures: try incels, if you can stand them without breaking into a rash.

  6. Hong Kong Hibernian says:


    Perhaps some of the glorious PLA’s potential recruits can assist with the definition of things ‘sex essentialism’?

    See here:

    “It said… eight percent were refused because they had an enlarged testicular vein.”

    They “…did not spell out how army officers knew about the testicular vein issue”.

    Oh gawd, now the CCP’s secret files include measurements of what we used to refer to as ‘private parts’? Is nothing sacred??

  7. @asiaseen – so far as I can make out, terfists are women who think it’s OK to deviate from accepted gender norms unless you’re a man who feels that he’s a woman, in which case it’s a big no-no.

  8. Joe Blow says:

    So what do we do if Hemlock suddenly and mysteriously disappears into a black prison of the Security Bureau across the border in sunny Shenzhen and we never hear from him again?

  9. Paul serfaty says:

    End of an era… of employment, but whoever might have the inheritance of (or succession) Hemlocks, we all hope the succession will be assured.
    Whether from within one set of bunker walls or another.
    Even in the evil days of the NS Law, we need (actually especially in those days) speedy access to Humour and truth and facts.
    Presumably we commentators are already registered with the PSB (HK Branch), but thanks and good luck!

  10. asiaseen says:

    @ HKH
    Is nothing sacred?
    A private’s parts should be the concern of every good officer…just in case he develops an enlarged testicular vein.

    So, to paraphrase Animal Farm, 2cunts4tits good, 2tits1dick bad

  11. Mary Melville says:

    HK’s Tomorrow Concern Group while trying to educate (indoctrinate) the apathetic populace on the urgent need of the National Security Legislation via mind numbing two page ads in most newspapers, let the cat out of the bag in the last section.
    20.Q: While the draft law is aimed at plugging legal loopholes on national security, what benefits will it bring to the people of Hong Kong and the SAR? ……..
    So its actually all about addressing domestic issues that should have been resolved by a competent and accountable administration willing to accommodate the aspirations of the community.

  12. dimuendo says:

    Mr Hemlock

    I second /repeat Donkeynuts enquiry/entreaty.

    Indeed, why not sell /take donations as to said books and even donate the proceeds to a worthwhile cause?

    I would suggest, but it might be regarded as subversive, sadly.

  13. Joe Blow says:

    Okay, now something important: Victoria’s Secret has suddenly closed its flagship store in Causeway Bay. Where to go next for lacey bras and bikini briefs with holes ?

  14. Stanley Lieber says:

    May I suggest that the 40 dozen lai see envelopes be filled with $20 notes and distributed amongst the cheering crowd at the office retirement party?

    As my name would suggest, I am partial to the office Stanleys.

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