Your 14-day self-isolation links…

Not fair! How come lots of people I know get to be forced to stay indoors for two weeks, and I don’t? Sounds like my idea of paradise.

I declare the weekend (or, if applicable, quarantine) open with some absorbing reading matter…

An SCMP review of City on Fire, Antony Dapiran’s new book on the Hong Kong uprising.

The ultimate in timelines: the Hong Kong protests and the Wuhan Virus outbreak and cover-up.

Atlantic is impressed with Hong Kong’s pluck and resourcefulness in the face of the Xi Virus.

Ma Jian in the Guardian on the CCP/Xi’s own less-than-stunning performance. In HK Free Press, a proposal to call it the CCP virus.

In the interests of rubbing it in, more on how Xi’s China brought COVID-19 to the world, from The Hill.

Someone’s going to sue. Good luck!

SupChina on China’s crummy urban planning, sprawl and a raw deal for the folk from the countryside. (Reminds me of a pro-establishment guy at a social gathering several years ago. When some overseas visitors announced that they were heading on to Beijing, he looked at them in solemn wonder and said ‘It’s a beautiful city’.)

Bloomberg tries to unravel the mysteries of China’s budget.

Coda on the CCP’s rewriting of history on Islam and Uighurs.

For people who prefer video to words, Fox News before and after.

And a London 1665-Hong Kong 2020 mashup…

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