SRTIACR Award winner announced

For many years, I was proud to be one of the judges of the Worst Restaurant in Soho Award. The annual event was cancelled a few years ago when the organizers felt that it had drifted from its original aim of recognizing the most cynical and shallow of the over-moneyed shysters who invest in dire over-priced Korean tapas lounges, themed ‘concepts’ and ‘exciting dining experiences’. Instead, the sponsors felt, it was becoming an exercise in cruelty, tormenting naïve idiots stupid enough to sign extortionate leases with the local landlords (something to do with the spate of suicides every year after the awards announcements).

So the competition was relaunched as the Soho Restaurant That Isn’t A Crap Rip-off Award. There were no winners for a while – one or two sort of came close, but were too pretentiousness or otherwise annoying to make the grade. Anyway, we actually have a winner this year: take a bow, LoveEat. Their motto: ‘screw thinking up a zappy name or flashy website, just make authentic Persian fare’. Don’t miss the mirza ghasemi.

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3 Responses to SRTIACR Award winner announced

  1. Chinese Netizen says:

    Now you’ve cursed them. Their rent will go up 200% after this WuFlu thingy blows over.

    Bye bye, LovEat.

  2. Aiya Tollah says:

    mirza ghasemi

    Is an anagram of

    Imam grazes. Hi!

    You’ve been had.

  3. D3SH says:

    Big fan of Persian cuisine. Knew some great restaurants back home in north London. I didn’t realise there might be one worth visiting here. Thanks!

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