Stepping aside without moving

So you thought the overseas experts advising Hong Kong’s Independent Police Complaints Council had quit? (They called it ‘stepping aside’.) The body’s boss Anthony Neoh says they have simply ‘completed the initial phase of their work’. The IPCC is gushing – rather a lot, indeed – about the experts’ past and possible future participation.

And Global Times quotes a Mainland authority as saying that using the phrase ‘stepping down’ is a ‘typical trick’ of slimy evil Western media. (Good to see GT not merely defending untrustworthy foreigners’ involvement in Hong Kong’s intimate internal affairs, but staunchly insisting that they are still there, whatever they themselves might say. There is hope for interfering gwailos yet.)

Consider yourselves corrected.

Meanwhile, the police arrest someone else for having weapons (or at least a slightly dangerous toy) planted on them – or whatever’s going on.

[Memo from Standard to Global Times: How about ‘Jump Ship’? Does ‘Jump Ship’ work for you?]

On a totally different scale of time and space, I happened upon this little thing noting that Petrochina shares are below HK$4. I bought it at HK$1.63 and sold at around HK$17 – the only share I ever had that went up 1,000%. Long ago. Moral of the story is: it’s over. Another little reminder for those who still, amazingly, need it that the once-in-a-lifetime China Zoom Boom mega-uplift thing is history.

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7 Responses to Stepping aside without moving

  1. Joe Blow says:

    This morning I witnessed a dozen riot popo, ‘sans’ helmets but wearing hip baseball caps, interrogating two South Asian gentlemen who were simply enjoying the sunshine in Times Square. Why weren’t they harassing the half dozen triad punks who walk up and down Russell Street each and every day, providing ‘protection’ to Albert Yeung’s Emperor shops? And isn’t there a triad and organised crime police department? What do they do all day, apart from planting and ‘discovering’ fake bombs?

  2. Spending more time with the party says:

    Perhaps the overseas experts advising Hong Kong’s Independent Police Complaints Council have had those nice people at the Liaison Office arrange for them to fly to Beijing for further check-ups and treatment, before their return to Hong Kong?

    @Joe Blow
    I think it’s been repurposed & renamed to the “Organising Crimes with Triads Bureau”.

  3. HKJC Regular says:

    @ Joe Blow
    Same here just after lunch in a quiet part of Wan Chai. Strutting in green overalls with dark blue jackets to ward off the “winter chill” and all 6 of them taking up sentry-like positions when stopping and searching a yoof.
    Shame on anyone who gives a thumbs-up and blurts “good job” to any of this lot.
    And before anyone admonishes, I’m otherwise pro-police

  4. donkeynuts says:

    Not only do I get a real-time analysis of the destruction of Asia’s World City, I also get financial advice? Bloomberg’s got nothing on this media goldmine! Where can I pay for a subscription?

  5. Cassowary says:

    @Joe: Heh, that’s as clear a sign of things calming down as any; one of my friends of swarthier complexion says the cops have completely left him alone these past few months. Normally they stop him so often that he’s bought a wallet with a clear picture ID window to save time.

    Though I don’t suppose they’ve gotten round to giving out parking tickets to all the posh cars stopped alongside IFC.

  6. steve says:

    Down the memory hole in truly record time. From HKFP

    The move came a month after a leaked statement from the group revealed they felt the police watchdog was not equipped to carry out a proper investigation, and suggested a fully independent inquiry would be better suited.

    On Wednesday, the panel said talks with the Independent Police Complaints Commission had made no headway since that leak.

    “As a result, the IEP (Independent Expert Panel) has taken the decision to formally stand aside from its role,” the statement said.

    The experts also restated the criticisms it had of the police watchdog it was hired to assess.

    “We ultimately concluded that a crucial shortfall was evident in the powers, capacity and independent investigative capability of IPCC,” the experts said.

  7. Reactor #4 says:

    When David Dodwell start’s writing about apostrophes’, you know its’ game over for the rioter’s/s’houty-loutie’s.

    My team ha’s won!

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