Nothing happening today

You would have thought that any government official passing through Central this morning would notice that 50% of young people are wearing black T-shirts – and think hmmm I wonder if maybe something’s up. Instead, our visionary bureaucrats are in the dark seclusion of their chauffeur-driven cars, buried in a briefing paper assuring them that the vast majority of lawyers and judges and businessmen are pro-extradition amendment, and the opponents of the proposal are misinformed, a lost cause, and there’s no point in trying to convince them, so just ignore them and carry on, no problem.

Meanwhile, Denise Ho re-tweeted me!  Swooooon…*

*Not sure, but I think the pic in the tweet – cops lining up Christian kids – should be credited to an SCMP reporter.

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4 Responses to Nothing happening today

  1. Tiu Fu Fong says:

    I’m sure Xi is very appreciative of Carrie arranging this show in the lead up to the G20.

    Full marks for Carrie working towards Comrade Xi.

  2. dimuenedo says:

    On what basis do the police purport to justify the use of rubber bullets? Fairly prolifically used. Randomly fired.
    Not used in the UK since the 1970’s ( as distinct from plastic which are supposedly safer, and then only in Northern Ireland during the “troubles”).. Army rules of enagagement permit their use only in the “last resort” in the case of “imminent threat to life”.

    So why are the HK police randomly firing off? To show they are tough? Or better them than the PLA? Note the Commissioner has no intention to call in the PLA “at this time”!!

    Somewhere towards the top of the police they are very badly led.

    All the police should remember they are members of the HK community and society and their actions today are corroding that society.

  3. freddie says:

    Carrie in tears about her sacrifices.
    Like giving up her British passport?

  4. A Poor Man says:

    Curry Lam willingly spread her legs for Daddy Xi for all the rewards the CCP can bestow upon her. Now she wants sympathy for all of her “sacrifices”?

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