Pest control update

In the latest twist in the Legislative Council extradition amendment saga, the chairman of the bills committee (the one in the pro-Beijing parallel universe) stands down after a grueling 18 seconds.

To put this in context, Abraham Shek represents the property developers in the legislature. Of all Hong Kong’s ‘various sectors’, this is laziest, flabbiest and most entitled.

It is a cartel of families who for decades have just sat, grinning inanely, as billions of dollars are sucked yearly out of the productive population and poured into their laps, courtesy of the city’s government-rigged housing scam. They are the reason why – as global groundbreakers like Jack Welch, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have come and gone – the same handful of talentless groveling nonentities, now in their 90s, have remained the richest businessmen in the city. No competitiveness, no innovation, no notion of value for the customer, no shred of effort of any sort.

It’s amazing Abraham lasted over a quarter of a minute before collapsing in a quivering exhausted heap.

The Hong Kong government looks on helplessly and mumbles about not getting involved. Beijing has dumped this on Carrie Lam and her hapless officials, and they have bowed and said ‘yes sir’ as they always do and must. They have passed it onto their supposedly loyal shoe-shiners in the legislature, who have backed away and said ‘deal with this pile of doo-doo yourself’ in classic spineless, you-can’t-totally-blame-them, it’s-quite-funny-really fashion.

Meanwhile, as a thousand pigs rampage through the streets, inconsiderate old people are damaging our reputation as Asia’s World City by dying from viral infections spread by rats.

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