Talk to Taiwanese, risk a Panda-tantrum

A group of Hong Kong pro-democrats, ‘risking wrath’, fly to Taiwan to discuss the proposed Mainland extradition deal. This parallel diplomacy is amusing, as the pan-dems are doing what Hong Kong (or Mainland) officials cannot/will not do – namely treat Taiwanese like ordinary people. The rest of the world could learn something from this as a way of passively undermining Beijing’s ‘One China’ delusions.

It is doubly amusing, since the Hong Kong authorities are using Taiwan (as location of a recent Hong Kong-related murder) as an excuse to ram an extradition arrangement through. To the extent Hong Kong/Beijing needs Taipei to play along, in retaliation for having its existence denied, Taiwan can veto. Exquisite.

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One Response to Talk to Taiwanese, risk a Panda-tantrum

  1. Chinese Netizen says:

    Oh I figured out what Beijing can do with its wrath…. ball hand into fist, shove it up own ass.

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