The ‘W’ word

It is that time of the year when I have to do some [shudder] work. Just time for a quick look at the week’s ongoing horrors.

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam feels the need to tell everyone that her bosses in Beijing have written her a thank-you note for crushing the (barely existent) HK National Party and requesting a report on the episode. (No! You are supposed to tremble in awe at this display of immensely self-confident and competent statecraft – not roll your eyes in despair that Hong Kong is run by a puppet controlled by half-witted paranoiacs. Try again.)

Among the puppet’s own sub-puppets, few are more pitiful than Ronny Tong, who proclaims himself ‘shocked’ that Taiwan is not interested in being part of Hong Kong’s forthcoming extradition agreement with the Mainland. We go to all this trouble to cynically and callously exploit a murder in Taiwan as a lame opportunistic excuse to start disappearing fugitives to forced confessions over the border – and this is the thanks Renegade Province gives us.

Our courts face a not-especially-demanding (and not specifically political) integrity test, courtesy of an appeal on the ridiculously over-used ‘dishonest access to a computer’ offence. Rather than fight this, the government should admit that the law’s wording is outdated now a ‘computer’ can mean a little box in everyone’s pocket rather than a five-ton mainframe occupying half the floor of a building. Otherwise we might get the impression Carrie and pals want loosely worded laws that can make criminals out of almost anyone they don’t like.

And – it’s probably nothing – but here’s a little something to spice up our day

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2 Responses to The ‘W’ word

  1. “Access to a computer with dishonest intent” could make a criminal of anyone who exaggerates their attractiveness in an online dating profile!

  2. Hong Kong Free Mash says:

    Reader ‘very shocked’ as HKFP continues to report Executive Councillor Ronny Tong’s opinion

    A baffled reader has questioned HKFP’s decision to report on Executive Council member and lawyer Ronny Tong’s opinion on a proposal by Hong Kong that would allow a criminal to be extradited to Taiwan.

    “I really don’t understand why they still report what this ineffectual spineless nobody thinks, and I am very shocked. I hope the people writing the report would actually read what he said and note it is completely worthless and unrelated to reality,” he said.

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