Gleeful start to year

Who says 2019 is going to out-nightmarish its predecessor? We ease ourselves into the new year with three uplifting and heart-warming tales.

The Chinese government embraces the exciting new concept of ‘eco-hegemony’ in the South China Sea. Also known as ‘green revanchism’ and ‘dolphin-friendly militarization’, the aim is to achieve an all-natural, sustainable, non-invasive (-ish), organic balance of endangered coral environments and anti-ship missile platforms. Feel the lovely warming ‘soft power’ glow, as well.

In a similar PR masterstroke, the Hong Kong Association of Men who Hit Little Balls with Sticks in a Big Field proclaims its immense concern for the city’s financial services sector. If their golf course in Fanling is frittered away on pointless stuff like affordable housing, they say, all the bankers, lawyers and accountants will leave town, for ever and ever. Seven million people wet themselves in utter astounded delight fear at the prospect.

Lastly, to spread even more cheer, here’s a little collection of Hong Kong street art, including some quite fetching shop shutters decorated to advertise the owners’ trades.


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3 Responses to Gleeful start to year

  1. Ultima Docta G says:

    Slightly off topic but it is the silly season.

    I couldn’t help thinking that the picture of Ultima Thule looks like a knotted discarded condom.

    Should we continue our search for the Ultimate Tool?

    Every one a gem!

    Pip. Pip!

  2. Mjrelje says:

    We certainly dont have to look too far for the Ultimate twat do we George?

    Pip pip

  3. Miserly Old Git Drinking Foster's says:

    One hundred years from now, when the South China Sea is paved over from Aberdeen to the tip of Lai Chi Kok, and the gigantic concrete bridge is torn down and replaced with Flag-Waving drones that carry two to four passengers at a time to the top of Macau’s tallest building, we will not want golf courses. Embrace the future!

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