Government gets tough on ‘not on proper package tour’ menace

The Hong Kong government tells the United Nations human-rights farce that the city has no faults at all, and in particular there is no evidence that people abducted by Mainland security forces were abducted by Mainland security forces.

Our officials are also refining their fantasy-creation skills at a day-to-day local level. Tung Chung was inundated with Mainland tourist-shopper hordes over the weekend, courtesy of the new Zhuhai Mega-Bridge. People there complained about the harm to their quality of life. The government and tourism lobby are now – quite deftly – redefining the problem. It’s suddenly not about overcrowding making life hell for residents, but about unauthorized Mainland tour guides taking business from registered local operators, so call the cops in.

It’s not about whether we turn your neighbourhood into an uninhabitable dump – it’s about whether we get a cut. Thank you for your attention.

I declare the week half-way over with this little ‘lookalike’. A few evenings ago, I took a pic of a beverage outlet at the bottom of Cochrane Street in Central. My intention was to capture its enchanting and thought-provoking slogan about the possibilities of coffee. Instead, I found it was recreating Ed Hopper

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5 Responses to Government gets tough on ‘not on proper package tour’ menace

  1. old git says:

    Whenever the HK Govt makes or takes any decision, it is easy to understand the motive behind that. Protect the decision-maker-taker’s pension. There is nothing else required in understanding civil servants’ decisions.

  2. Chinese Netizen says:

    The UN has about as much credibility as…well…the Hong Kong government.

  3. Cassowary says:

    @old git: Sometimes the Civil Service also does things to avoid complaints (from cantankerous DAB granddads; everyone else can pound sand).

  4. Ook says:

    Never ever imagined I’d see a Hello Kitty version of Hopper, but here it is.

  5. dimuendo says:

    The current standard of governance in Hong Kong is exemplified by the fact that our esteemed “Secretary for Justice” , Ms Teresa Cheng, is currently the (acting) Chief Executive.

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