Light ordered back under bushel

China’s government, media, think-tanks, tycoons, hyper-nationalist wumao and other organs of the party-state may have given the world the impression in recent years that the country is an economic, technological and military superpower – a developmental marvel blessed with a unique and superior Communist-Confucian political and social system, before which the rest of humanity will soon bow.

The nation’s leaders now wish to make it clear that the People’s Republic is not in fact an unstoppable force of modern might, but just another (if large) lower-middle-income economy seriously lagging in innovative capacity. They regret any inconvenience or misunderstanding.

Yes – Beijing is starting to realize that it is annoying. The official line now is that China is, if anything, rather backward. The Ministry of Truth wheels out a Professor Zhang Jun to explain. Needless to say, it’s basically all stupid Westerners’ fault for dreaming up the invincible-threat tech-powerhouse myth in the first place.


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7 Responses to Light ordered back under bushel

  1. Stanley Lieber says:

    The CCP is experiencing massive buyer’s remorse with the president-for-life thingy and now they don’t know what the hell to do about it.

  2. Goatboy says:

    Nice one, Stanley!

  3. Get off it, Buster!

    You had nothing much to say today so you should have just shut up instead of half frothing about a non-story and whipping it into a few suds of yet more China hate.

    Reden ist Silber, Schweigen ist Gold.

  4. Before lecturing you on allegedly “whipping up China hate”, the “Docta” might look in the mirror at his own racial attitudes. Spelling “Doctor” in that way is a feeble parody of African-American speech patterns. Then he adds a sentence in German to show off his supposedly superior education.

  5. Stanley Lieber says:

    “Talking is silver, silence is gold.”

    Good advice. Docta, heal thyself.

  6. AHW says:

    The comments section has been very civilised of late, which has certainly encouraged me to post more than before. I hope that is not about to change…

  7. hank morgan says:

    “… lower-middle-income economy seriously lagging in innovative capacity”

    I’ve never read The World Factbook … can’t believe that it would be better than this!

    Now honestly, forget what the wumao said, we really, really are a “Group 3” country like Cuba and Gabon and need the Universal Postal Union.

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