Distraught Doomed Dems’ Disaster Despair

Hong Kong’s pro-establishment media rather overdo the stories and articles on mass-suicides among Hong Kong’s pro-democrats following Sunday’s by-elections massacre carnage shock. You’d have thought that United Front mass-organization, media and government indifference – and no doubt pan-dem errors – had resulted in landslide victories for Bill Tang and Judy Chan. A more interesting story would explain why, even with a tilted playing field, those two pro-Beijing stooges still couldn’t win.

A few early-mid-week links…

Yet another in that long, never-ending series of warnings that China’s financial system could lead to economic collapse, courtesy of a book review from Reuters. As with Cassandra and the boy who cried wolf, one day you’ll wish you had listened.

John Garnaut offers a good summary of China’s interference in Australia, which is increasingly apparent as cunning/clumsy/creepy. Beijing’s designs on Greenland seem relatively subtle. What with Tonga, Djibouti, Montenegro and dozens of others, China seems to be in a solo race to inveigle and beguile as many far-flung regions as possible, as if there is some sort of deadline.

On the subject of hasty grabs, the chattering about Xi Jinping’s constitutional changes continues. Some more from (openly taken-aback) Jerome Cohen, and Kerry Brown tries to look at the quasi-religious psychology of Xi as ‘born again’.

All this barbarians’ blather about the Emperor-for-Life thing is really getting on someone’s rather sensitive nerves.



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7 Responses to Distraught Doomed Dems’ Disaster Despair

  1. Less tasty pork links and more cold, old parboiled chestnuts I would say.

    All those China experts out there who never spent a week in China living outside a hotel with real Chinese. York Hardings to a man.

    I guess you are one of those, aren’t you?

    You will understand the world better by referring things you see to other things you see rather than to yourself.

  2. Stephen says:

    Article 23 (simple majority in the geographic and rotten boroughs) and constitutional (non) reform (2/3 majority) are coming along the track as soon as the CCP and the puppet administration have their desired legislature. So the Pan Dems may want to consider this when they next stage some theatrics or put forward an utterly uninspiring candidate. They may want to formally unite and appoint a convincing leader – not seen since Martin Lee.

    They will probably do none of the above and we can look forward to their bow of apology when Carrie emerges triumphant in a democratic (Iranian style) election and we are all using VPN’s to access the HKFP and (horror) Big Lychee. The game is rigged and the stakes are high so why o why are the “opposition” so shite.

  3. Chinese Netizen says:

    “A more interesting story would explain why, even with a tilted playing field, those two pro-Beijing stooges still couldn’t win.”

    Indeed! Must be the curse of Vagina having your back!

  4. @Stephen – at least they got behind a single candidate for each constituency in this by-election. And any truly inspiring candidate is likely to be disqualified on some pretext or other.

  5. HillnotPeak says:

    I just love the China Daily. So much nonsense written by so many, read by so few.

  6. Headache says:

    China Daily isn’t just great entertainment, it’s a handy bellwether. If it’s banging on about something, you can take it as read that the party feels proportionately vulnerable on that issue and the projected viewpoint is proportionately lacking in credibility.

  7. Red Dragon says:


    Reminds me of Adams.

    Never has so much been ejaculated by so few (i.e. one) and lapped up by even fewer (i.e. none).

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