God condemns pro-Beijing candidates to fires of Hell

Groping through the swirling fog of the Greater Sai Kung metro-area yesterday*, I kept blundering into election materials for pro-Beijing candidate Bill Tang. Judging from his prayerful poise in the campaign photos, he thinks he’s running for Pope. Or maybe his mentors and advisors told him this would make him look Really Deep. Alternatively, he is appealing to the Almighty to help pay the postage on his mail shots.

As well he might. Divine intervention in next Sunday’s by-elections is apparent from the fact that, as in Hong Kong Island with Judy Chan, the pro-Beijing hopeful in New Territories East has drawn harbinger-of-death ballot number 4.

Hong Kong is transitioning to Mainland-style elections. At this stage, we must hold a second poll because we didn’t vote for the right people last time. In future, the Communist Party will find a more efficient system that yields the correct result on the first attempt. Among other things, they will need to work on the evil hostile foreign forces that have infiltrated the local transport system – namely colonial-era remnant Hong Kong Tramways. Returning to Central yesterday, I was shocked to see the French-run company has accepted advertising from pro-democrat Au Nok-hin…

The Ding-Ding operators clearly didn’t get the memo. Which part of ‘United’ and ‘Front’ don’t you understand?

* Obviously, non-essential travel to Sai Kung should be avoided, but if you must go, I can recommend this place.


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3 Responses to God condemns pro-Beijing candidates to fires of Hell

  1. Din Gao says:

    “Obviously, non-essential travel to Sai Kung should be avoided, but if you must go,”

    Presumably because the government’s Hiram’s Highway “Improvement” dual-carriageway construction and tree destruction program will snarl up traffic for the next decade or more.

  2. hank morgan says:

    Read a funny on Reuters, Premier Li vows

    “China will continue to implement to the letter and in spirit the ‘one country, two systems’ method of rule for the Chinese territories of Hong Kong and Macau”

  3. Red Dragon says:

    Looks like Sai Kung has had its chips.

    Personally, I never really liked the place, but every time I see that somewhere is to be the beneficiary of a government “improvement”, my “thoughts and prayers go out” to it.

    More disruption; more cars; more buses full of “tourists” dragooned into eating inferior, overpriced, “seafood”; more concrete; more money poured into construction companies’ boots; more ghastly, tasteless “developments” for people with more money than sense; more undiluted crap all round.

    Welcome to Hong Kong, a place where you only live if you’re obliged to, if you’re paid to, or if you’ve been there so long that inertia has kicked in. Surely, there’s nobody left who lives there out of choice. If there is, I admire their masochism.

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