A tribute to the local tofu vendor…

While we wait with baited breath on tenterhooks in eager anticipation of the oh-so exciting Hong Kong Budget-snooze, a tip of the hat to my neighbourhood bean-curd stall for resisting the United Front’s smothering of the streets with posters for pro-Beijing HK Island Legislative Council election candidate Judy Chan (number 4)…

…and promoting the pro-dem candidate, who stepped in at the last minute after Agnes Chow was disqualified for failing the Communist Party religious test, [Googles the guy’s name]…

[Even Google doesn’t know]

Ah yes – Au Nok-hin. Number 1.


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4 Responses to A tribute to the local tofu vendor…

  1. Sometimes the horrid running dogs look like hot bitches.

    Sadly Tories always look like Tories, never Totties.

    Socialists are the real McCoy. Just look at me and John Pilger.

    Plop, plop!

  2. WolfLikeMe says:

    Joshua Wong was campaigning yesterday morning on Bonham Road at SYP station and handed me a flyer. All he said was “#1!” – not sure even he knows his name.

  3. Joe Blow says:

    Monday late afternoon I saw Joshua campaigning in the low rent section of “gritty” Chai Wan. Fortunately he didn’t ask me for my autograph.

  4. pie-chucker says:


    Surely Joshua was campaigning on behalf of Au. The exhortation to vote is always expressed by the ballot number. Particularly to gweilos (if you are one).

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