Today’s dumb idea…

Let’s push housing prices up even further by subsidizing buyers currently unable to afford homes. The proposer seems to think that earmarking proceeds from land/housing-based revenues for this purpose makes the idea elegant. But public money raised from any source would have the same result – more cash being bid for the same number of units, resulting in… Ah! Higher margins for developers. Maybe that’s the point. Carry on.


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3 Responses to Today’s dumb idea…

  1. LRE says:

    When you use another of his job titles it all becomes much clearer:
    “Young or middle-class Hongkongers struggling with sky-high rents should be given leg-up onto housing ladder through interest-free loans, says Director of Property Developer Hang Lung Group.”

  2. property devloper says:

    At which point “Dr” Dr G[not erry] Adams will invariably work “leg over” into his contribution.

    “Young or middle-class”? Yes, let’s exclude the middle-aged working-class, who don’t deserve any better.

  3. The most basic lesson in Economics would show this won’t work – unless we push 10,000 other people off the bottom of the housing ladder. Or (shock, horror) actually build an extra 10,000 units a year. Yeah, sure.

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