A few holiday links

So – after that challenging, protracted two- or maybe three-day week of not-too-much-to-do, we have another long weekend, to be followed by… 2018.

Some (mostly Taiwanese-linked) links to distract from the New Year arrival-hype-mayhem-tedium.

The FT looks at how Hong Kong and Taiwan are diverging as the former criminalizes disrespect for national symbols and the latter accommodates it. (For an amusing example of carelessness in these matters, Taiwan has just printed a load of passports accidentally featuring a picture of another place I know well – Washington Dulles Airport.)

Some media outlets seem to have a problem with Taiwan coverage – an editorial bias that comes from embracing Beijing’s portrayal of the country as a ‘trouble-making renegade province’. Here’s an interesting discussion on Reuters’ sins in this respect. (Reuters does not swallow Communist Party fictions on Mainland issues, hence this worthy report on China’s shadow-banking proto-potential-alleged quagmire.)

On the subject of quagmires, and bearing in mind the new centralizing of control over the People’s Armed Police, here’s a plot-theory (like a conspiracy theory but more classy) about a coup.

Lastly – nothing to with Taiwan or the thuggish predator across the Strait – a lengthy treatise on North Korea’s non-stop fun soaps and sitcoms.

I declare the weekend open with the comforting assurance that 2018 will last only one year.

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7 Responses to A few holiday links

  1. Knownot says:

    A Thankyou Poem

    Blogs often start
    Then soon disappear;
    Big Lychee goes on
    Year after year.
    Posted by lunchtime,
    Reliable and quick,
    Almost every weekday,
    Almost every week.
    Gratis he gives it
    To the readers of it:
    Something in Hong Kong
    Not done for profit.

    Such a small place,
    This SAR;
    What a lot of
    Strange things there are!
    So many Mainland
    Tourists and traders
    Buying up nappies,
    Blocking escalators.
    An uncultured centre
    In West Kowloon.
    An unneeded railway
    Opening soon.
    A mysterious bridge
    Disappearing in the distance
    While the government tries
    To explain its existence.
    There are country parks
    It plans to reduce
    For necessary
    Building use,
    But will not harm
    The rural heritage:
    Metal scrap-yards
    And container storage.
    A great street protest
    Suddenly arisen,
    Nice young students
    Sent to prison.
    Elections nullified
    By an oath.
    Hong Kong independence
    A poisonous growth.
    Property soaring,
    Flats subdivided.

    Through such strange things
    We need to be guided,
    And so we seek
    Big Lychee’s views
    On each day’s nonsense,
    Each day’s news.
    His scathing words
    On politics
    (His secret love
    For Korean chicks);
    The fears and doubts
    That everyone gets
    Watching, waiting,
    While the sun sets;
    Such strange affairs
    Where we need guiding,
    So —
    Thank you very much,
    And please keep writing.

  2. reductio says:


    Exactly, this blog is an oasis of sanity amidst the nonsense. However, this being the season of good cheer, we should spare a thought for all those, without whom, this blog would not be possible. In no particular order I would like to thank the following for maintaining a high standard of toadiness, oozing unctuousness, brown nosing, incompetence, indifference, greed, stupidity, and corruption: Elsie, the Two Ronnies, Uncle Lau Nai Kung, your friends at the Heung Yee Kuk, BFF Charles Xiaojia down at HKEx and his tycoon pals, the ever dependable Lands Department, Jack “all the news that’s fit to print” Ma, and Rimsky. Sadly, Donald and Rafael cannot be here this year to collect their award, but we wish them all the best. “HAPPY NEW YEAR” !!!

  3. HillnotPeak says:

    And also thank you Knownot.

  4. @reductio – don’t forget the groaning grannies Rita and Maria, all our pals at the Liaison Office, and of course Saint Carrie Lam.

  5. LRE says:

    @reductio & old newcomer
    Wot no Vagina?Truly the Stones and Dr Thompson had it right: “No sympathy for the Devil — keep that in mind.”

    A happy new year to mein host and all the commenters and readers: it probably won’t be much worse than this one, but you never know!

  6. Knownot says:

    The Professor of Law

    Professor, does this law comply
    With the Basic Law;
    Or does it, clear enough, imply
    Things unheard before?

    Nervously, he looks around,
    Preparing his reply.

    “The Basic Law is firmly bound
    To the Chinese State.
    Any new law now applied
    May be justified
    By legal scholars, who create
    A new judicial guide
    Through modern Chinese legal science.

    “The Committee may decide
    It complies with their compliance.
    The Law is satisfied.”

    Adding, as he darts away,
    “I’ve nothing more to say.”

  7. Din Gao says:

    Happy Gweilo New Year to All.
    But, what kind of Dog Year shall we get next month?
    A Demented Dog like myself?
    Not a Brexit Bulldog or a Corgi, for sure.
    Nor a Poodle or a Dachsund or other Evil Westerrn Influenced canine.
    Presumably a Snot-nosed Pekingese…

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