MTR corporate communication case study

Problem: Hong Kong’s mass transit system has become unbearably overcrowded because of Mainland tourists and their vast amounts of luggage full of milk powder, Yakult, toothpaste, non-fake quack medicine and more milk powder.

Solution: strip out seats from some carriages to create more space for Mainlanders’ wheeled suitcases.

Problem: local residents resent the removal of their seats and having to stand on journeys, especially just to enable parasite mall-owners to hike rents for stores catering to cross-border smugglers capitalizing on corrupt Communist dictatorship forcing adulterated products on its citizens.

Solution: we have consulted government officials, and they say “Screw local people – we don’t care about them.”

Problem: front-line staff report difficulties relaying above policy to passengers.

Solution: put up signs suggesting that the seats have been removed for the benefit of unfortunates like the disabled, for whom notoriously soft-hearted local people will have sympathy…

…it might work. Worth a try.

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5 Responses to MTR corporate communication case study

  1. Chinese Netizen says:

    It IS a special need to lug two suitcases stuffed with milk powder, SaSa cosmetics and various other sundries IN ADDITION TO taping fifty or so iPhones to your body to escape customs detection.

  2. Chum Ski says:

    It’s me again. Another example of what I mean and why you must take time off and stop writing.

    Everything you write assumes or infers that all we need do is make some adjustment to or attenuation of evil rapacious corrupt Hong Kong capitalism and everything will be all right. You are an apologist for them all. That’s why the Tories love you and the grandees employ you.

    You write a kind of Jews For Hitler discourse. Please give it up.

  3. Boredcaster says:

    And the station attendants shout in vain for passengers to move further into the carriage rather than hang around the entrance, scrolling their mobile phones. And let’s not get started on the fashionable backpacks that block passengers trying to find space. Choc-a-bloc most of the time, the MTR has become a mobile asylum

  4. Peter says:

    If anyone needs to give it up, it’s the NTSCMP tool

  5. Chinese Netizen says:

    I love that Hemmers just allows the clown to continually insert foot into mouth and make a jackass of himself daily.

    It must KILL him that there’s never a tip-of-the-cap in recognition of his genius.

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