The uncommon bad luck never ends

Ironic Understatement of the Week Award goes to Asia Sentinel, writing a few days before the recent Chief Executive quasi-election, for referring to China’s ‘uncommon bad luck’ in consistently choosing dismal failures to lead Hong Kong…

While Hong Kong itself is the main victim of this misfortune, maybe we should spare a thought for the gullible or grasping idiots who took on the job.

There was avuncular bumbler Tung Chee-hwa (1997-2005) whom fate pummeled so mercilessly most of us had to look away. Then Donald Tsang (2005-2012), an arrogant bureaucrat with no policy ideas (hold that thought). And CY Leung (2012-2017), who, apparently out of some misguided hyper-loyalty to the Communist cause, tried to unleash a mini-Cultural Revolution on the city and managed to start a pro-independence movement.

Although different in style, their administrations had three themes in common: struggling to reconcile Beijing’s neuroses and local expectations; obsessively propping/pushing up housing costs; and floundering in all other respects.

Now it is the turn of Carrie Lam-to-the-slaughter. After three failures, China’s leaders have decided they might get lucky at last by picking someone who combines Donald’s haughtiness and lack of ideas with CY’s mindless obedience – perhaps in the hope that a feminine touch might also yield a dash of Tung-like geniality. Carrie has been frequently stressing her wish to heal divisions, which is a coded way for her (and the puppet-masters in Beijing) to step back from CY Leung’s clumsy Leninist/United Front clampdown on dissent as counterproductive, which presumably prompted his departure after just one term.

And within hours of the pseudo-election, the government arrests pro-democracy figures on charges like ‘inciting people to incite people to incite people to incite others to commit public nuisance’ dating from the 2014 Occupy Movement. The timing is so obviously linked to the ‘election’ that the authorities have to insist it isn’t via the traditional whiny defensive press release.

Conspiracy Theory 1 is that this is Carrie’s doing, as she didn’t want to spoil her quasi-election but now can’t wait to continue CY’s rabid persecution of opponents. Conspiracy Theory 2 is that CY and his Liaison Office United Front comrades are desperate to get on with their ideological rectification campaign after holding back during the quasi-election campaign out of deference to Beijing’s wishes to minimize public support for John Tsang. Conspiracy Theory 3 is that CY and buddies are deliberately trying to undermine Carrie. Conspiracy Theory 4 is that they are all in it together, and the plan is to make Carrie look good by taking office on July 1 amid a sudden end to psychopathic Communist mouth-frothing and an instantaneous wave of peace, goodwill and unity spreading over the city. You can think up Conspiracy Theories 5, 6, 7, etc yourself.

Carrie seems vaguely uneasy with the arrests, as does Legislative Council president Andrew Leung, who as a clueless, taken-for-granted shoe-shiner and bystander has no special axe to grind here.

To complicate things, the authorities are also arresting (now ex-) cop Franklin Chu on charges of assaulting someone in 2014. This comes after the alleged victim threatened a private prosecution. And these all follow the convictions of Ken Tsang, and of his seven police assailants (by evil foreign judge etc), also dating from Occupy.

If current and future CEs and Beijing’s officials are organizing and coordinating a fiendish strategy here, they are being immensely incompetent. It looks more as if petrified Justice/prosecutions officials are trying to toss pieces of meat at growling pro-Communist and human-rights lobbies while tiptoeing through the minefield of a quasi-election and uncertainty about life post-CY. But immense incompetence from on high is perfectly believable.

Whatever it is – Carrie’s uncommon bad luck begins already.


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13 Responses to The uncommon bad luck never ends

  1. Chinese Netizen says:

    Cooking up some pop corn…opening the crisps…chilling the beer.

    2017 is gonna be F U N

  2. Chris Maden says:

    Someone once said of luck that the more he practiced, the luckier he got. HK Govt and the Liaison office seem to prove the obverse…

  3. She is irrelevant like most civil servants. How sad that Hong Kong is run by the Civil Service. Even the Swiss wouldn’t allow that.

    She is 777 rather than 689 and just as bent. You have been apprised.

    Can you get on to talk about other things now? Like why you are still here. If I had your money I would be in Greece, Italy, Brazil. Why do you hang on in this boring shitheap? Do tell.

  4. Bigot says:

    Whatever the adminstration tells you to believe, believe the opposite.

  5. LRE says:

    “Further, the DoJ stresses that prosecution matters should not be politicised, including that one should not speculate on the timing of the prosecution of people involved in the “Occupy Movement” from the political angle.”
    Oh, the delicious irony!

    “Some people in the community surmise that action was taken against those involved in the “Occupy Movement” today because they were so instructed by the Chief Executive-elect, Mrs Carrie Lam. The DoJ stresses that such surmising is completely baseless and utterly untrue. When handling prosecution work, the DoJ does not give prior notice to the executive branch, nor did the DoJ give prior warning to the Chief Executive-elect, Mrs Carrie Lam, as suggested by certain rumours.”
    An official denial! … so it’s actually true: Carrie-on-regardless really is the slag-what-done-the-blag. Well done the CPC: another winner.

    “As in other criminal cases, the DoJ generally endeavours to handle cases as soon as possible.”
    Finally a sound move from the DoJ: always end on a joke — keeps the punters happy.

  6. WTF says:

    Humor for the day

    The demonstration is said to have been organized by a local pro-Beijing group called Voice of Justice.

    Chan Hok-gon, founder of the group, denied having paid the people who joined the demonstration and dared reporters to show evidence to back up their allegations.

    Asked about the demonstrators, Lam said she has no knowledge of those groups supporting her candidacy and she was not involved in their organization.

    She said she does not believe in gaining support by means of “shouting loud and mobilizing followers”, reported.

    Hong Kong is a rational and evidence-based society, Lam added.

    Go to video (In Cantonese only)

  7. Laguna Lurker says:

    Docta G, alias Passing Wind—and a multitude of other specious cognomens—seeks in vain to lure the naïve to his sadly unfunny website. It appears he has but one occasional commenter, going by the name “Ring”.

    “If I had your money I would be in Greece, Italy, Brazil. Why do you hang on in this boring shitheap?”, he asks.

    One can but wonder why is he still here. Envy? Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD)? Can’t hold down a proper job?

  8. Joe Blow says:

    DL777 is going to be protected around the clock, 24-h a day, by an elite PSB squad, for some reason.

    Nothing screams “Miss Congeniality” like a praetorian guard to keep the plebs at a distance at all times while she is “bridging the gap” and “bringing society together” and all that lame jive.

    Closing with a happy thought: only 94 days of 689 left. Somebody should organize a party.

  9. Peter Clamenza says:

    This is like the closing scene of the Godfather Part I: all scores are to be settled before Carrie ascends. “Do you renounce Satan and all his work …”

  10. Donny Almond says:

    Something else: I noticed the presence of Douglas Young of G.O.D. in the mega pic of “tycoons” (including wannabe Al Semen of course) supporting Lam Currie.

    I will never buy at tat emporium G.O.D. again.

    Are we all still boycotting Lan Kwai Fong, btw ?

  11. Red Dragon says:

    Just took a peek at Gorgeous George’s account of the Hui, Kwok et al. corruption trial.


    How do you do it, Georgie?

  12. Xiaoyao says:

    No worries about Carrie! As she has once again assured us, it was God who told her to take the job:

    What could possibly go wrong?

  13. Jason says:

    Brilliant description of our beloved dear leaders!
    I go for Conspiracy Theory 2. It seems, Lam was surprised as most of us were.
    I loved to know, what she really thinks about these idiots of “Voice of Justice”. Personally, I preferred NO support at all than to be “supported” by these sad creatures.

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