Dems fear rigged election not fair

A suitably weird end to the week comes to us courtesy of Hong Kong’s traditional/mainstream pro-democrat politicians. Beijing loyalist Tung Chee-hwa points out that the Chinese Communist Party, not content with rigging the fake Chief Executive election at the nomination and polling stages, also – in its paranoia – reserves the right to throw out the actual result anyway. The pan-dems claim the venerable Crop-Haired One (or the leave-nothing-to-chance process he mentions) is undermining the ‘fairness’ of the charade…

There can be a difference between ‘fairness’ and some form or other of ‘justice’. Few right-thinking people will be able to resist a smirk on reading that frantically desperate Chief-Executive hopeful Regina Ip is painfully coming to terms with the fact that, after all her mega-shoe-shining and groveling, the Communists have no further need of her…

The more you prostrate yourself in fake (or real) adoration of the Communist Party, the more brutal is the inevitable kick in the teeth when it finally comes. Yet every shoe-shiner thinks it will be different in their particular case. It hurts.

An analysis of the rot behind ex-Chief Executive Donald Tsang’s conviction comes from Peter Guy. The blurb ponders whether the case is ‘a high point in Hong Kong’s jurisprudence, or a sign of its inevitable decline’.

Another way of putting the question is to ask whether the Communist Party believes it can maintain control of Hong Kong without a system of cartels and cronyism. Or in the Mainland.

(Just in: another jab at Sir Bow-Tie.)

I declare the weekend open with this – which was sent a few days ago…

The Hon Andrew LEUNG
President of Legco
Breach of Rules of Procedure

Dear Sir,

I trust that you will be taking appropriate action regarding the breach of Rule 41(8) by WONG Kwok-kin in LegCo on 17 February when he raised the conduct of judges, stating:

“In the past, Hongkongers described ‘fake foreigners’ as people with ‘yellow skin but a white heart’, but today I have to describe a judge as a ‘white skin with yellow heart’ – the yellow of a yellow ribbon.” 

[While Rule 41 (8) states]

41 Contents of Speeches

(8) The conduct of Judges or other persons performing judicial functions shall not be raised.”

Not only was this statement in breach of Rule 41(8), it was outrageously bigoted, racist and offensive…

I look forward to receiving your positive response.

And the positive response has been…

Thank you for your email below.

The President of the Legislative Council has instructed me to let you know that he has noted your views expressed in the email.


Dora WAI
(For Clerk to the Legislative Council)

Don’t hold your breath for more


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7 Responses to Dems fear rigged election not fair

  1. Property Developer says:

    If I understand correctly, the letter can only have been written by a fine wordsmith like yourself.

    The idealist Peter Guy and the cynical Jake are undoubtedly the best PIMP columnists still standing. Guy’s wide-ranging article echoes comments made at the time of the Raphael conviction.

    However, the remaining institutions, including parties, with any integrity, when faced with an untenable situation, must bend a little — or else break. The moral and practical question of what to do when faced with enemies who break all the rules has never received a satisfying answer. Stopgap compromises that chip away at important principles at least allow those with boots in their faces to survive for a while.

    In sum, the legal system is sprayed with acid if it does and kicked in the balls if it doesn’t. It must all end in tears.

  2. Big Al says:

    Regarding the Breach of Rules of Procedure, see Arkell v. Pressdram:

  3. WTF says:

    Did you remember to cc it to
    might as well embarrass all the hapless at one go,

  4. Monkey Reborn says:

    The Secret and Masochist Cult of CCP Shoeshiners, est. circa 1997, disbanded ….?

  5. Monkey Reborn says:

    *Secret and Masochistic

  6. Red Dragon says:

    Point of order.

    I know who wrote the letter to Andrew Leung, and it wasn’t Hemmers.

    It wasn’t me either.

    It goes without saying that a satisfactory response from he of the rubicund and swollen labia oris has yet to be received.

  7. Knownot says:

    The quality of mercy is not strained;
    Pour it freely, as tea pours from a pot.
    Seven poor policemen, poor Sir Donald,
    I feel sorry for the lot.

    People murmur that his prosecution,
    So trivial, was malignly planned, a plot;
    He may have been unwise, by wealth bedazzled,
    But a criminal he is not.

    The streets were filling up with agitators.
    The police were being goaded. The mood was hot.
    They only used their boots. In other countries
    Democratic thugs are shot.

    The quality of mercy is not strained;
    Pour it freely, as tea pours from a pot.
    Seven poor policemen, poor Sir Donald.
    What am I saying? Jail the lot!

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