World awaits with bated breath on tenterhooks…

…Regina Ip’s grand official announcement that she will ‘run’ in the ‘election’ for Hong Kong Chief Executive. (Presumably, the lady fantasizes about a repeat of 2012: power-crazed Chinese officials at the Liaison Office will abandon Beijing’s previous plan by leaking revelations of Carrie Lam’s illegal basement-dungeon in which a stable of virile Korean toy-boys and Mainland ‘小鲜肉/little fresh meat’ are housed, leaving ‘Reg’, as her friends call her, to pick up just over 600 ‘votes’ cast by the Communist Party’s robot-slaves on the so-called Election Committee.) While we wait…

Most Enticing Watch Ad of the Day Award goes to this in the South China Morning Post


A ‘tourbillon’ is a type of onion popular in France. A ‘perpetual calendar’ is a calendar that takes you right up to The Rapture. A Lange 1 is of course the (now-defunct) predecessor to the Lange 2. By combining them, you get a watch that you can read (as opposed to one that you can’t) and which exercises discretion – otherwise known as ‘the better part of valour’, which is unusual, if unnecessary, in a timepiece. This seems to have something to do with a tragic communications screw-up between the design and production departments. The result (as watch ads say): a small watch somewhat off-centre in a bigger watch case, sadly leaving us with something ugly and stupid-looking.

Which bring us rather neatly to the Nastiest  Office Tower Christmas Tree in the North-West Quadrant of Central Award Winner…


Congrats to The Center.

On which subject, this year’s Nastiest Digital Christmas Tree from a Newspaper Award goes to the SCMP. If you are on their e-Christmas card mailing list (as Trump would say, ‘Sad!’), you get a ‘tree’ made of the funny teardrop-balloon-things that Deputy Editor Phil Space scatters around the pages. And – nice touch! – they leave in a line that is supposed to be cut before sending. But mostly what you notice is that Big Red Star…


…straight off the Work Unit Party Secretary ‘s green cap.

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6 Responses to World awaits with bated breath on tenterhooks…

  1. Chinese Netizen says:

    I take umbrage at your mockery of this fine example of the lost art of GDR horological know-how that was doomed for the dustbin of history were it not for the clever Swiss Monuments Men to co-opt it under the Richemont Group and charge outlandish prices for the rare pieces and put them on par with Geneva’s finest! Philistine!

    Especially troubling is to do all this under the same heading with Broomhead/Vagina. Any watch deserves better…

  2. Knownot says:

    A language point. Most people, including our blogger, are saying ‘run’, but last night Mrs Ip, to her credit, used the British idiom: she will ‘stand’ for election.

  3. @Knownot – given the posture required towards Beijing, I think the appropriate verb for this “election” should be “crawl”.

  4. WTF says:

    Old Newcomer, it’s grovel and kowtow. Know your local vocabulary.

    Vagina is hoping the floor is well swept, serfs have to lick it as he/she/it crosses the Great Haul Of The People. Isn’t that the numerative for anything built with the blood and life of a great number of people, a haul

    Meanwhile, considering how important Hong Kong is for money laundry/tax avoidance re-invoicing exports from China, one wonders why there isn’t more panic at HSBC/SCB. Trump to U.S. businesses in China: drop dead

    The spam filter here really is a pain, which is a surprise as I thought this site was moderated.

  5. Regina Blow says:

    The appropriate verb for this “election” would be ‘bending over’ and taking it like a man. Or, in Paul Tse’s case, like something else.

    There were 200 people at my ‘happening’ this afternoon. Al Semen, Aching-Bones, Pansy Ho, Peggy Lam (remember her ?), Roman Tam, Philippe Charriol, Crystal Li, Chugani, Raju Harilela, one of Dickson Poon’s ex-wives, Terry Holladay and a bunch of Wanchai trannies who were just passing by.

  6. Cassowary says:

    I personally prefer “slither”.

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