Localism provokes outbreak of personality disorder


Economist Francis Lui says Hong Kong ‘Localists’ have a personality disorder. He doesn’t say which one – presumably not Obsessive-Compulsive Shoe-shining Syndrome, which tragically afflicts so many public figures in the city today. China Daily gives more coverage to Lui’s Nobel-level insight: if Localists got their evil way, Hong Kong could survive only seven months on its financial reserves, real-estate values would drop more than 90%, and everyone’s genitalia would shrivel up and fall off.

With him was real-estate tycoon Ronnie Chan, who ‘explained’ that the Localist problem goes back to colonial times, when the evil Brits deprived Hongkongers of any identity (thus, presumably, leaving them – well, Hongkongers)…


The event, by the way, was organized by the Hong Kong Development Forum. For an idea of how hip and groovy and cool and up to speed they are, feel free to visit their funky website, preferably using a 56k modem for the full effect.

Ronnie began by praising localism as wonderful, but not if it undermines national CD-LocalismCidentity. It is a tribute to the Localists that pro-Beijing/establishment types are trying to jump on the bandwagon. Financial Secretary John Tsang has been flaunting his native credentials. Some DAB politicians’ publicity materials use the ‘local’/‘indigenous’ phrase, and the party has tried boosting its HK-first image with anti-refugee sloganizing. Today, the Standard joins in…


The paper’s main priority, as ever, is to push its owner’s friends’ real-estate scams. As with the anti-Localist sycophants ranting at the HK Development Forum, the purpose of this unseemly groveling is not to convince onlookers and the public to change their minds. In finest shoe-shining tradition, the only aim is to openly demonstrate nauseating obsequiousness towards the intended recipient of the kowtow. That innocent bystanders will mock, or puke, is immaterial…


It is Hong Kong’s most prevalent and debilitating personality disorder.

I declare the weekend open with the cheering expectation that the week ahead will see a million umbrella movements in Hong Kong…



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11 Responses to Localism provokes outbreak of personality disorder

  1. Thanks for the weather flash. Stanley will be just heavenly. No need to round up the visitors at 5 pm and remind them they live at great expense in urban hyper-capitalist Hell. Hurrah.

  2. AHW says:

    “Luxurious” and “North Point” … yeah, right!

  3. reductio says:

    I’ve noticed for some time now that the HK Observatory persists in promulgating bad weather reports. C’mon guys, haven’t you heard of the Government’s “Love Hong Kong” campaign? No wonder the localists are winning the hearts and minds campaign when all Joe Public sees are dark clouds on your website. We can’t just leave it to Jack Ma to emanate good vibes. Let’s be positive. Sunny days ahead!

  4. gweiloeye says:

    I feel a sense of zen in that weather report.

  5. LRE says:

    I ee even Hemmers has avoided the desperate display of feverish tongue work on the new boss’ posterior for the nth day in a row on the cover of the Post: surely time to rebrand it for honesty to Jack Ma’s Daily Pacific Rimjob?

    As to Franci Lui — I detect a spot of sour grapes and jealousy there — you can almost see him thinking it in the photo: “damn those protestors for having personalities — that’s like a disorder isn’t it?! None of my mates have one and neither do I.”

  6. LRE says:

    ee =see. Three inch thumbs on a four inch phone. *sigh*

  7. Cassowary says:

    This is starting to look like the muppet flail over Occupy Central again. Months in advance: “These hooligans can never be countenanced!” “They’ll ruin the economy!” “It’ll be mayhem, mayhem I tell you!” “Old ladies will be dropping dead in the streets while our homes burn!” Overreacted so much that what should’ve been a few thousand hippies sitting on Chater Road for 3 days turned into a 3 month occupation, (which was nevertheless marked by a distinct absence of economic collapse and burning mayhem).

    And so it goes with the independence movement. You’ve got to wonder if they’re doing it on purpose. Perhaps somebody needs a boogey man to show their superiors in order to justify their job. Like those Russian spies who lived in America for decades, infiltrating the D.C. circuit of lobbyists, think tank staffers and power brokers through stealthy methods such as downloading conference programmes off the internet.

    Or perhaps they really are that stupid and are making the exact same mistake twice.

  8. mjrelje says:

    Yep, they really are that stupid.

  9. Knownot says:

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  10. Chopped Onions says:

    1: Why are the pro Peking mob so scared?
    2: CY in court? Coming across as a whiney little brat, “but it might have hurt me” he sobbed

  11. Red Dragon says:


    Don’t forget Franci = Francis.

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