NT East’s chance to give Beijing a slapping


Holden Chow, deputy boss of Hong Kong’s local Chinese Communist Party front, the DAB, refuses to say whether he thinks CY Leung should have a second term as the city’s Chief Executive. His reason is that CY himself hasn’t announced his own intention – which is irrelevant, or indeed all the more reason to answer the question. What he means is that he hasn’t yet been told what the official line is. The pseudo ‘election’ (outcome predetermined in Beijing) by a rigged body of 1,200 is still over a year away. Expect the DAB, FTU and other United Front appendages to be ‘still to make our minds up’ for a while.

For now, Chow is running in a real competitive race: the Hong Kong Legislative Council by-election that takes place late next month in the New Territories East constituency. The seat became vacant when pro-democracy Civic Party member Ronny Tong resigned as a grand melodramatic gesture to mark the establishment of his new Path of Democracy grouping, aiming to occupy some mythical middle ground between the pro-Beijing and pro-democracy camps.

The by-election will be more interesting than it sounds, for several reasons.

First, it will be a manly, straightforward, first-past-the-post, single-seat election. Legco geographical constituencies have multiple seats fought over by party lists of candidates under a complex system of proportional representation. The system was originally designed to dilute pro-dem candidates’ success, but if anything aids fringe oddballs on the ballot and confuses everyone.  So the February 28 poll offers the prospect of a plain, simple goody-versus-baddy fight in which only one person can win.

Second, as we saw in last November’s district elections, there is a youthful/middle-class backlash underway against Hong Kong’s dismal governance and malevolent interference in local affairs by Beijing’s officials. On top of Beijing’s rejected fake-democracy package, unaffordable housing, the tourist plague, attacks on university autonomy, lead in water, etc, etc, we have the case of the five missing book publishers to attract protest voters (not to mention local reasons to be miffed). Centred on Shatin, New Territories East voted over 57% pro-dem in 2012, returning only two United Front candidates, plus ‘maverick’ James Tien of the Liberals, with the other six seats won by various pro-dem figures. So it should be a pro-dem walkover to humiliate and anger all the right people.

Third, Beijing’s local agents – who take elections far more seriously than anyone else in town – will probably go to great lengths to try to micromanage a victory for Holden Chow. All Holden-Alvinother pro-Beijing groups have obediently kept off the ballot, to give the DAB a clean sweep of non-dem votes. We can expect the usual desperate measures, like dragging centenarians from their beds, to maximize the DAB’s turnout.

The very broad pro-dem camp is inevitably more splintered. The mainstream pro-dems have agreed on a candidate, namely the Civic Party’s Alvin Yeung, a smart and presentable counterpoint to the Communist running dog Holden – or as I hereby re-name him, Be-Holden. But two other pro-dems couldn’t resist getting onto the ballot, a ‘Third Side’ fantasist and a localist from Hong Kong Indigenous. The United Front forces would not be above finding ways to boost these two to reduce Alvin’s vote.

And three more candidates are running. There’s independent Christine Fong, prominent in local affairs and possibly able to lure a few votes from both camps – and she allegedly assaulted DAB member ‘Dr’ Elizabeth Quat, which is cool interesting. There’s some businessman bozo who claims to support a second term for CY. And there’s a barrister protesting his profession’s opposition to his other career in ‘body figuring’, which seems to be some sort of chiropractic-with-extra-added-voodoo baloney with Chinese characteristics, of course. Or maybe it’s the Body Figuring Association who are censuring him in disgust at his whoring as a lawyer. This is what they do to people they like


Those of us outside NT East will just have to sit and watch.

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9 Responses to NT East’s chance to give Beijing a slapping

  1. They are all so faceless, they must eat through their femoral artery. When your inspiring founder figure is either a withered barrister or dead trade unionist, what can you expect. I’ve seen more charisma in a funeral parlour. How we need an Aung San Suu Kyi.

  2. Big Al says:

    Funny you should mention James Tien, as he was hanging around inside Tsing Yi MTR station the other morning, smiling and waving (what’s with all the waving?) at people. Just him. No one else. No banners to indicate what he might be waving about. Or smiling about. Weird. Maybe he thought it was Sha Tin Station? He should have known, what with him being the former Chairman of the KCRC … oh, wait …

  3. Revolution says:

    The Pro Dems should be hammering the following message home during the campaign:

    1. The DAB does what the Communist Party says

    2. The Communist Party kidnaps Hong Kong residents.

  4. Cassowary says:

    If Aung San Suu Kyi had never been persecuted, but left to draw a salary while yammering on in an ineffectual legislature, she might have developed into one of our dishwater dull democrats instead of an international hero. Its ingenious really. By designing Legco as a safe holding pen for the irritatingly principled, it naturally filters out anyone with ambition, strategic vision, or a clue.

  5. dimuendo says:

    If the body figuring barister is one LEUNG Sze Ho, Albert then the judgemnt of his (succesful) claim agsint the Bar Council is HCAL 63/2014, decided September 2015. He did not appear for himself.

    Apologies for not posting a link, but do not know how to. All (polite) instruction gratefully received.

  6. With any luck, the “Hong Kong Indigenous” candidate will confuse a few of the indigenous villagers into switching their vote away from the DAB.

  7. Joe Blow says:

    So Carrie Lam is out. Good. If that hypocritical bitch gets into Heaven maybe I still have a chance.

  8. Red Dragon says:

    Yes, indeed, Joe Blow.

    I too am cock-a-hoop that cack-handed Carrie is on the way out. I don’t think anyone will miss her prim, schoolmarmish persona or her arrant hypocrisy as she rams through commie policies expressly designed to bugger up Hong Kong while all the time plotting her escape to leafy Esher. If the British authorities had any gumption, they’d refuse her entry and stick her in economy on the first plane back. Maybe the Vatican could give her asylum. She’d look just the job as a prune-faced nun serving soft-boiled eggs to some rubicund cardinal with a choir boy on his knee. The fast track to heaven, or I’m a Dutchman.

    The big question now is who will succeed her. What price the suave, bookish intellectual “Fast” Eddie Ng? Or will it be that scintillating financial wizard and porntachioed lothario, John “Couldn’t Run a Bath” Tsang? Whoever it is, I predict a veritable tsunami of indifference.

    Oh and talking of Eddie, whatever happened to that bizarre, Hitlerjugend-style commie youth group which he was wheeled out to help launch not so many moons ago? I vividly recall him standing there in his ill-fitting uniform, alongside fellow luminary, Bunny Chan, and fragrant gruppenfuhrer, Regina Higgins (aka Mrs. 689), as, resplendent in their gimcrack bauhinia gongs, they swore to commit themselves to the service of the glorious motherland before an audience of bemused youngsters who’d been conned into attending by the promise of a free box of chocolate flavour vitasoy.

    Mais ou sont les neiges d’antan?

    One might very well ask, old cock. One might very well ask.

  9. old git says:

    Not even the speed of light is a constant. Did the DAB not get the memo?

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