Why can’t they just invent stuff that works?

Back again. It says something about the times we are living in that people assume a website going offline must mean some sort of malicious Communist/United Front fingernail-pulling Gestapo hacking attack. I am touched by expressions of concern, verging on offers of bail or legal help. But, this time at least, it was something to do with MySQL (or MYsql?), databases and similar obscure technical details. Again.

When you fly, does the airline expect you to fix the engine? That’s what WordPress or host Yahoo do (not sure who’s to blame) in this year of 2015, if you want to write something and put it on the Internet. Maybe the people who write the software are more interested in creating a system that will do amazing (if unwanted) things in theory rather than just perform basic tasks with no fuss in practice. (But not Twitter. One of the reasons I like it. It’s dependable. Twitter just works. You write, push button, and it appears – no ‘database’ to be seen. Why doesn’t some genius start up an article-size version of Twitter?)

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6 Responses to Why can’t they just invent stuff that works?

  1. Backbiter says:

    We liked the whiteout better. So minimalist.

  2. PD says:

    The short answer is that PC stuff that’s easy to use is also easy to subvert.

    Just one example among many. PCs from China often have dangerous bits in the hardware. Possibly building on a tradition of “Can I help you — takes control” and the intermediary/comprador has a right and duty to cream off at least 25%, they mean that even https sites are not secure. Only applies to the cheapo machines of course.

  3. GF says:

    You’ve just described wordpress.com…

  4. nulle says:

    actually new Lenovo laptops have adware/scamware/malware installed and activated (aka Starfish,) just gave me another reason to avoid any computering equipment made in China…

  5. phil says:

    Have a look at ‘long form’ posts on LinkedIn or Google+ both works seamlessly like Twitter and you should have no issues with post length. You might also garner a wider audience. Happy Days!

  6. Incredulous says:

    LinkedIn is spam! Gave up on it years ago!

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