My weekend is complete

Staunton Street, just now, next to the Mid-Levels Escalator…

All of Soho come out to celebrate. Apple Daily got there even quicker. They describe the driver as a white male (sheepish, definitely), and say it was one of those hit-taxi-then-couldn’t-tell-accelerator-from-brake situations.

The temporary and no doubt reluctant semi-drive-thru is Lotus, a Thai restaurant that apparently serves ‘Thai tapas’ and thus no doubt had this coming.


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6 Responses to My weekend is complete

  1. Gin Soaked Boy says:

    I trust no one was hurt … just the pride of the flash Harry at the wheel.

  2. Gumshoe says:

    I’ve seen worse parking jobs here, to be honest.

  3. Sid says:

    Yorkshire Pudding?

  4. Traffic accident voyeur says:

    Last time I saw anything so funny was when a Mercedes driver decided to push through some bollards in Johnston Road and suddenly found himself up to his wheel caps in wet cement where HK tramways was repairing the rails .

    Buwawawahhhh !

  5. nulle says:

    unfortunately, someone is pissed about Apple Daily reporting this…Apple Daily HK hit with D.O.S. attack and been down for the last 12 hours at least.

    could anyone from HK check to see if they are back online yet?

  6. There’s always someone pissed off with Apple Daily for not following the party line like the other media sheep – may be nothing to do with this case.

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