Dribs and drabs 1

One of the more curious international youth movements we’ve seen for a while as ‘Hong Kong and Singapore unite against ‘locusts’’.

Asia Times notes some interesting parallels between the Big Lychee and the Lion City as their young, fearless and proud citizens join on-line to defend their homelands from the invasion of Mainlanders. Nice examples of Hongkongers’ on-line Chinglish, which puts the better-known Singlish dialect in its place.

If you still haven’t seen it by now, scroll down to see the rather impressive YouTube clip of one Mainlander’s calamitous driving in Singapore. Incredibly, the city-state’s government-controlled press (the ‘154th’) praised the Ferrari driver who jumped the red light at Mach 3 as an investor. He was subsequently alleged to be a Szechuan mafia boss’s brother, living in Singapore after spending years in Hong Kong painstakingly laundering funds. Some on-line gossip speculates that the money was post-earthquake reconstruction funds. Whatever turns out to be true, the hard-to-forget video has been viewed by pretty much every native Singaporean aged 10-60. Now Hongkongers are taking a good look at it too. What’s happening with that cross-boundary private-car ad-hoc quota thingummy scheme?

That gorgeously sexy aircraft, by the way.

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