World turned upside down, but pro-dems cling on to opposition role

Just days after being rudely woken by Democratic Party lawmaker Emily Lau raging on the radio, we are dragged from our dreams this morning by another lengthy pan-democratic rant courtesy of Cyd Ho. Her complaint is that Chief Executive-elect CY Leung included the Chinese government’s Liaison Office as he did the rounds yesterday of people you need to see after being ‘elected’ CE. By the time I am brushing my teeth, the Civic Party’s Audrey Eu is also on air making a similar point, if less hysterically.

The pro-democrats’ problem, it seems, is not that CY actually visited the Mainland officials who last Wednesday suddenly started calling up loyalist members of the Election Committee urging them to switch their votes away from Henry Tang. It was that he did so too brazenly and stayed too long. Or smiled too much. Or something like that.

Hong Kong’s next CE is loathed by the property tycoons and the civil servants – the most parasitical and reactionary forces in the city today. If the pro-democrats had just a little common sense, they would surely identify a potential opportunity for some sort of constructive engagement with our new leadership. (In practice, some pro-democrats have professional or personal ties with parts of the anti-CY establishment, but let’s assume for the sake of argument they are all politicians first and money-grubbing, radical-chic lawyers second.) Rather than declaring their enemies’ enemy their friend, as all good cynics should, they have adopted their usual default stance of outright antagonism to whoever is in charge on the grounds that he is unclean and untouchable owing to the undemocratic manner of his selection. But is it simply ideological purity? It sometimes seems the thought of not opposing scares them.

It is unlikely that CY Leung will burst into tears because the pro-dems won’t be his friend. In fact, you have to wonder whether he even realizes what a divisive figure he is. Nearly everyone in Hong Kong’s political and business class hates everyone else today. The big boys who first declared support for Henry Tang last year have been left out on a limb after sticking by their man to the end – hoping no candidate would get a majority of votes. The timid shoe-shiners who dutifully followed them acted at least partly out of deference to (or fear of) CY’s powerful pro-Henry enemies. Then they had to obediently switch sides at the last minute and vote for CY – leaving them looking and feeling like idiots. There is a lot of finger-pointing.

Henry Tang is leaving town for a few weeks. Who wouldn’t? The poor guy is finished: the Chinese government will never forgive him for somehow managing to screw up an election rigged especially for him, nor for losing self-control in his final desperation to do CY down and apparently betraying information about confidential meetings.

Bank of East Asia boss David Li is left in the sad and unusual position of having backed the wrong guy and thus being an outsider. (He might adapt: his father served the British, the Japanese and the British again in the 1940s.) He has more bad news on the way: industry gossip has long held that he would arrange for his son to inherit his banking functional constituency seat in September’s Legislative Council election, but it seems the Bank of China Group – a big bloc of votes – wants its own man in there.

Anthony Wu, the ultimate smug, insider Donald-man, heading up the Hospitals Authority, the General Chamber of Commerce and the Bauhinia Foundation think-tank pushing bureaucratic interests, would like to serve the new regime if it needs him. This raises the question of how inclusive CY will be. Outgoing CE Donald Tsang drew on a very small pool of sycophants to fill his multitude of advisory and other bodies. But there are 7 million people in the city, and a lot more talent than the previous self-styled elite would like to admit. So… maybe not Anthony, but thanks.

And this just in: the Liberal Party’s Selina Chow accusing legislator and former Security Secretary Regina Ip of, well, lying in her attempts to re-ingratiate herself with the next administration. “Regina, you told me CY would hurt people.” “No I didn’t Selina.” “Did.” “Didn’t.” “Did.” “Didn’t.” Slap, scratch, bite.

Just when you thought life couldn’t get more amusing… The Chinese government may reduce taxes on luxury goods, thus making it much cheaper for the Mainland nouveau-riches to buy their designer-label locust-goodies at home. Hong Kong, we are invited to believe, is ‘especially vulnerable’. Crack open the champagne!

And to think we worked so hard to think up the name 'Italy Station' for our 'Milan Station'-copycat handbag store in LKF

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57 Responses to World turned upside down, but pro-dems cling on to opposition role

  1. Bela Lugosi says:

    Does anyone realize how painful it is for Transylvanians to move around in the day time?

    Tip for CY watchers: see what he does after dark.

    More of that CY programme specially leaked to you:

    SHARPENING UP of the Building Department, the one thing CY really knows about. No automatic right to develop. New guidelines on public access and sharing of common areas. The screams will be very audible.

    TOBACCO DUTY DOUBLED. Cigies are still far too cheap and Charles Ho needs a real kick in the ass. Wine looks like rather cheap too.

    RESUMPTION OF LAND in Central to provide popular markets and more pedestrian access. One large plot from each large developer to start, just to show them who’s boss. Lan Kwai Fong looks ripe for being declared a fire hazard, which of course, it is.

    ABOLITION OF THE MINISTER SYSTEM which will cause a lot of consternation all round. Civil servants are just that. They take orders and do not invent policy.

    That will do for starters! Rejoice!

  2. Tony says:

    You people need to start understanding that CY does not give a flying f*#^ about anything or anyone but himself. Check the definition of “sociopath”, it will be useful to you over the course of the next 5 years.

  3. maugrim says:

    The Dems really are stupid and have their heads in the sand. So CY visited the black hair brigade in Western District? One wonders if they will screech about him being installed as CEO in Beijing (who’d have thought eh?), as usual ignoring the flaming obvious.

    As to Ho being ‘busy’ for the next few weeks, what, Mc Donalds has a sale on? Petty and stupid. There’s no need to shoe shine but you get a lot more with honey than faeces. My sad prediction is the Dems will retreat to their default position of returning to their playpen to rattle their toys against the bars whenever Leung does anything at all. This is hardly constructive and they should wake up to themselves.

  4. PropertyDeveloper says:

    It’s hard at the present stage to say how many former enemies will be invited into the lone wolf’s sheep fold. Certainly, by picking off the easy targets, and perhaps indulging in a little wishful thinking, some of the sheep can be separated from some of the goats.

    The pathetically spineless Anthhhony Wu will surely be on the C-list, waiting supinely for his day to come. Regina and Salina will be wagging their tails. But face demands that decisions be made about the big boys first. It would be a bold prognosis to exclude Henry and all his flock at the present stage. And what can be done about the black sheep Donald-lings?

    @ Bela: the property tycoons’ landbanks are, I imagine, about 90% in the NT. Surely CY and the BD, given the promises he’s made to the rural hitmen, won’t dare to venture past Kowloon Tong?

  5. Real Tax Payer says:

    @ Maugrim, PD et al

    Wonderful postings, and I endorse you all

    Why is RTP over the moon about Sunday’s CE- Election ?

    Not because it was was a REAL election ( it wasn’t)

    but because the BIG “BJ” thing at least gave us a right of veto via ” popular vote”

    OK : we all do not like the WOLF = CY

    But let me ask you all out there : would you rather have voted for the pig ?

    Be Honest !

  6. darovia says:

    So Regina won’t serve in CY’s team. Loss of face is clearly more important to her than her ‘duty’ to serve the public. Fact is, no-one’s asked for her, nor are they likely to. See, he’s only been elected for one day and good things are happeining already!

  7. Real Tax Payer says:

    Sorry .

    for “via” read ” vs”

  8. Joe Blow says:

    Selina and Regina, the 2 bats from Hell, both on the losing side for once, and consequently scratching each others’ eyes out: absolutely priceless !!

  9. Probably says:

    What is the big problem with the new CE visiting the Beijing Liaison Office? The prime Minister of the UK, for example has to visit the Queen in order to form a governemnet so it’s pretty much the same thing really.

    Even Australian republican Prime Minister Paul Keating had to kow tow to the queen to receive his authority.

    And my tip for the day for CY to improve his poularity rating with the public very quickly and easily without burning billions of taxpayers dollars – scrap the “rural” small house policy. Surely now totally outdated (after 30+ years of homes for 3 generations of family) apart from being sexist, unjust, and just abused by those who can. Another great cost saving idea I feel as it will leave NT to be developed in a planned and sustainable manner that can relieve urban overcrowding.

  10. Old Timer says:

    Any chance of Zeman leaving for a few years? He even managed to pop his head up, Kilroy-like, at the Sevens awards on Sunday. Seems that life’s just one long photo-op for the man.

  11. Aghast says:

    Of course the Pan-Democrats are against CY; he got 35% support in the last poll, and 18% in the POP vote. Why on earth would any politician looking for popular votes back someone who has a lower rating than Donald Tsang? Even the DAB have been more than cautious.

    The voters simply don’t like him, the tycoons don’t like him, the civil servants don’t like him, business sector is dubious, Beijing loyalists are split.

    While the obscene abuse (vagina, cunt, wanker, semen etc) of Tang’s supporters drivels on here, why not take a break and look at who actually supported CY? Ronnie Chan? Arthur Li? Vincent Lo? Barry Cheung? Akers-Jones? Lau Nai keung? Remind me again what they have done for HK…

    And on this blog, apart from the unattractive sight of Hemlock scrabbling around for excuses for why he called the election wrongly, there’s a pathetic parade of projected fantasies. No, CY will not bring Sainsburys to Hong Kong, or do anything about air pollution, or build markets in Central, or cancel the XRL, or the HKZM bridge, or the third runway. He has never even hinted he would do any of these things – in fact his manifesto is all about speeding up infrastructure developments, the need for more roads, building a new town in the NT, developing closed area and other plans that make people whine about concrete pouring.

    CEPA, pan PRD plots and five-year plans make up most of the rest. This is what puts you over the moon?

    Oh, and Probably, the roles of the Liasion Office and the Queen are not ‘pretty much the same thing’.

    Ye Gods.

  12. Slavia Wanderer says:

    Aghast, in your logic, the pan-dems should have kicked Albert Ho out, because in the ‘pop vote’, he, as one of the dems who should have enjoyed public popularity, only got 11% of votes. And the ‘pop vote’, participated by less than 2% of Hong Kong citizens, sounds not much better than the 1,200-member EC. And, dare I say, those who participated are more social media-type and easier to be influenced by like-minded communications. Of course the ‘pop vote’ did let us see hope of Hong Kong’s future.

    No, the tycoons don’t like him, neither do the civil servants. Whether it’s good or bad, we shall judge for ourselves. It seems to me that you rather like tycoons and civil servants, and prefer to be ruled by them, which we have always been, than be ruled by (allegedly) an underground commie who might bring change. Well, it’s understandable, and you sound a tad more well off than those who don’t own a property and live in ‘cage rooms’.

    Anyway, I want to believe what CY said about protecting our core values in the Q&A after he was selected. If he doesn’t do as he promised, we can certainly bring him down by another, or several others million-people marches.

  13. Tony says:

    @ Aghast: Hear Hear

    This has nothing to do with affairs or basements – CY was the chosen one all along. Beijing does not play dice. For once, Hemlock just got it wrong, plain wrong.

  14. isomoliu says:

    Chinese Liaison Office: 90 mins
    Donald Duck: 30 mins
    Legco Jasper: 15 mins (some say 20 mins)
    Chief Justice: 30 mins (some say 15 mins)

    90 mins is an awful lot of kowtowing.

  15. Hendrick says:


    What’s CY’s motive for steamrollering such a hard nosed raft of actions ?
    I agree with Slavia Wanderer, and CY’s smart enough to realise, it would lead to his undoing.
    However, I do concede that CY made a point of stating that he would follow through his election promises to the letter and made no hint of compromise towards public opinion – apart from listening to all “with his note book”, possibly with the intent of addressing minor quibbles rather than the fundamental problems.
    And yes, he’s not giving pollution (my main gripe) much mileage.
    We are now in bed with him so we have to make the best of it. I’m ready for any marches/demonstrations to return some fragrance and fairness to the Big Lychee
    All this talk of authoritarianism and negativism regarding CY is building an expectation which may give him room to live up to it, to a point.
    I would argue that keeping an open mind and expecting a conciliatory and caring CE would set the expectation of him in different terms and may dissolve authoritarian leanings for fear of huge backlash.

    ps Jeremy Clarkson looks more like Trevor Gregory every year. It’s uncanny.

  16. No cheese says:

    There’s ‘Paris station’ and ‘Cuba station’ too. Italy station were just playing it safe.

  17. Zorro says:

    S. Wanderer, you hit the nail about Aghast’s take on pop support! Aghast, it’s not about Sainsbury’s, etc that we are discussing here, u missed the point and belittled the gweiloes again. Their comments on this board are spot on, impartial and is more worthy than the rubbishy spin we get in the SCMP or the Standard.

    As for the dems, they are just in denial everytime they don’t get their way.,so much for democracy………….

    Aghast, are u a cyber warror paid by the Tangs or a dem yourself?

  18. Aghast says:

    Slavia – Of course there’s an argument to drop Albert Ho, or at least regret that he was the candidate. What has that got to do with not supporting CY?

    You say the POP vote ‘sounds not much better’ – how about 185 times better? And the point of it was to test people who might actually vote, rather than running another passive survey. Both have a purpose, which is why I cited both. Either way, most people in HK simply don’t support him…and please don’t complain about social media types while you are contributing to a social medium as it confuses.

    Thanks for saying I sound well off. You have a beautiful imagination.

    If you, and others here, ‘want to believe’ what CY says, why don’t you start by looking at what he actually has said in his manifesto, what his supporters say (Hi, Lau Nai keung) and stop imagining he agrees with you.

  19. Aghast says:

    Zorro – The people of Hong Kong don’t support CY, and neither do the Pan-Democrats.

    And your point is?

  20. maugrim says:

    Aghast, I dont think that anyone would say that Leung is a popular candidate. As for him being a messiah, I’m not sure anyone feels that he is either, more so that he deserves a chance to prove otherwise and that, at least, he represents an alternate power base to that of the usual suspects.

    Hemlock made a prediction some time out when others weren’t prepared to put their pseudonym on the line so to speak. Are you ready to do that now with regards to Leung’s leadership? Come on mate, give us your predictions as to what will transpire. What’s the worst that can happen? be mocked for getting it wrong?

  21. Real Tax Payer says:

    @ Aghsst

    YES! I am totally with you

    ( Just a few months ahead of you on this blog )

    HK will certainly change under ” CY

    Whether for Better of for Worse ….. time alone will tell

    But please do bear in mind that today’s RTP will be among tomorrow ‘s NON tax-payers . ( = NTP )

    I have kicked in at least HK$20 Million tax over my 30 years in HK. Probably much more. All Legal .

    Which is why I feel I have the RIGHT to speak on this all-important blog

    So I actually FUNDED previous FS / CS H. Tang esq. whose under- payment of Rates the R&V Dept refuse to investigate until I fill out and submit Form R28 .. what total BS ( The ICAC will not even touch the case, and I have it on record )

    Sh1T : does the ICAC even wake up theses days ?

    I really want to march on 1 July this year, but I want to march to show that I support THE CHANGE ( wolf eats pig )

    How to do it? Ideas ?

  22. Aghast says:

    Maugrim – and what power base would that be?

    I don’t know what’s going to happen, and don’t think there’s anything admirable in pretending you do. Sorry if I was mean to your mate, mate.

    Real Tax Payer – do shut up.

  23. The Democratic Party of Albert Ho took the popularity hit for cutting the deal with the Liaison Office on political reform. What did they get in return from the Liaison Office? *crickets* Now tell me why they should be bothered to consider themselves as anything but the opposition? As George Bush put it, “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me… can’t get fooled again.”

    And who the hell would think a guy who has the back of the Heung Yee Kuk and NT property mafia is going to end the rural house policy? After all CY was part of the committee which put indigenous rights in to the Basic Law. And he’s been convenor of ExCo for the last decade, but the policies of that ExCo are somehow divorced from his service now? CY’s had some sort of Saul of Tarsus seizure and it’s all different now?

    Though if nothing else, CY is extremely lucky to have Bowtie in office now. As much as the biz sector is said to dislike him, CY’s got a guy in charge whose knighthood rested on pouring govt money in to stabilise the HK stock market. “Anything you can pull out, I can pour in faster.” (The big winners for the day are HSBC, ICBC, CCB, BoC and China Mobile)

  24. Revolution says:

    The way I look at it is there was no possibility that anything would change for the better, or change at all if Tang had been “elected”. There’s a slight chance that things will change for the better, even in small ways, now Leung is in. We shall see. Personally, I think it’s potentially progress of a sort.

    And I don’t know if Leung would ever entertain listening to Democrats or having them in his administration, but Ho is a fool for completely ruling that out before even being asked. After all the (justified) whining about fake consultations and the Government not listening, it is foolhardy to pre-emptively declare you will not co-operate with someone who might, just might, want to hear what you have to say. The Democrats will clearly never learn to be pragmatic.

    The depressing thing about all of this is that the papers are dredging up the same old names as possible government members. How ill served we have been by this small circle cronyism. Someone (probably Hemlock) once said that talented people are lost to Government because they know they have no chance of being heard.

    Tony – whilst acknowledging Beijing was always going to get its way, I am unconvinced that Leung was the chosen one all along as you say. The way events unfolded simply do not support this view. Plus Beijing’s will has been overturned by events once before, of course. I’m sure there was no plan for Tung to quit early.

  25. Slavia Wanderer says:

    RTP, stop thinking marching on July 1, or it’ll be highly possible that you are ‘shut up’ by Aghast and friends. Also, many who support change appear to me too calm to march.

  26. Peter says:

    I think RTP is going off the deep end. 🙁

  27. Walter De Havilland says:

    Chaps, the ball is still bouncing and in play … nobody knows whence it will land. What can we say so far? Well, CY has been conciliatory and sort to press all the right buttons. The pro-Democratics and Anson are tripping over themselves to condemn CY without an ounce of evidence (I had to laugh at Cyd HO this morning, when she pronounced that she would march on Sunday because of what CY had done in his first 10 hours as CE elect!).

    Take a deep breath everyone, count to ten and let’s see how things unfolded.

  28. Hendrick says:



    Everyone should be blaming Enery for raising doubts about CY.
    Turn the clock back one tenuous claim of conflict of interest (thank you Government), a madcap idea about triad connections, and two unconvincing allegations of authoritarianism, and CY was riding pretty high in public opinion (50+%). Let’s face it, he was almost popular. No fears then.
    The Horse dunnit.

    RTP – good luck with pushing for a prosecution. And don’t shut up – I appreciate your posts.

  29. Chopped Onions says:

    “This is a sort of rehearsal of what he will say to CY Leung on March 28 or 29, or whenever the victorious Shandong-Transylvanian finally deigns to receive congratulatory tribute from those who so smugly and brazenly backed Beijing’s hand-picked Henry Tang.”
    Hemlock March 15th
    “Last-ditch smears can work, and it looks like they could be Henry’s only hope.” March 13th
    I wouldn’t call that calling it wrong. Spot on actually

  30. Stephen says:

    @ Aghast

    Good post and I hold my hand up as ‘The King of Lan Kwai Fong’ winds me up so much that sometimes I feel the need to vent. However you are quite right there are some supporters of CY’s that have done nothing for positive for HK, campaign chief, Baz K11 to name but one.

    However Henry was so much an accident waiting to happen, arrogantly put up by the tycoons, that I too wanted CY Leung to win. He is no democrat and the concrete pouring will go on and no Sainsbury’s will not be opening anytime soon. However Carrefour did try once as did Jimmy Lai’s Admart and look what happened there in the World’s most free economy!

    There is a chance CY will look and learn why CH Tung and Donald Tsang failed especially as the electorial process should open up more in 2017. It may go wrong, as it did with Donald, but it would have almost certainly gone wrong if Henry had got in. Lesser of two evils by quite a wide margin.

  31. Joe Blow says:

    I don’t envy CY at this moment:

    60% of the people don’t like or trust him.

    He has no real power base.

    The establishment hates him.

    That only leaves the opportunists to work with (Regina, Henry Cheng (dimwit in his own right), the NT mafia and, goodness knows, Alan Zeman after he switches sides yet once more).

    Did anyone notice that Arthur Li, brother of David Li, is chums with CY ? Looks like the Li family is covering their bets once again (like they did in the 1940’s).

  32. Real Tax Payer says:

    RTTP has been on the line for the past 2 – 3 hours to officially report ET’s tax evasion ( under declaration of rateable value/ floor area as per the Webb-Site report )

    The ICAC say this is “not in their purview” / recorded conversation

    Sh1t F**k whatever the ICAC will not investigate under payment of govt Rates by a top Govt civil servant ? !

    David Webb : I hope you are reading this

  33. Real Tax Payer says:

    @ Peter

    Yes, RTP is going off the the deep end

    Things MUST change in The Big Lychee

    RTP is a champion of change

    Bring in the WOLF

  34. Kan says:

    why would anyone take that POPvote crap seriously. It’s skewed and non-scientific and seeing it’s tabulated and supervised by a bunch of HKU students who are anti-wolf, it’s even less credible. If you surveyed mainstream forums, you’d realize how many registered to cast a vote did not receive their SMS confirmation in time and was automatically counted as an abstained vote. In addition to the fact that the polling stations were located on school campuses and tabulated by student union members makes it even more questionable. The result has it that CY trailed the two other candidates in polling stations ballots, but was in the mid 30s on the internet vote, which coincides with pre-election polls. The thing was clearly rigged to drag down CY’s numbers and I don’t believe for a moment that the online polls were down for almost a day due to DOS attack.

  35. Kan says:

    I’m all for CY…he has a large number of supporters in their 20-40 something age group and they are very vocal on the internet. People who work for him hates him because he’s very authoritarian, but he’s that get things done type of person.
    There was alot of reform when he was the chairman at City University, the staff hates him with a passion, but his work there paid off as shown in university rankings. Despite his authoritarian streak, he is what HK needs right now. There are too many self-serving rats and collusion in the government and that’s what’s killing Hong kong. You need a hardliner/sociopath–whatever you want to call him.. like CY to stick a knife up that small circle mentality in HK politics.

  36. Real Tax Payer says:

    ‘Tis 05.00 AM or thereabouts

    The Wolf is out Yipping at some tycoon heels ( especially those who dare to double park outside the Fook Lam Moon )

    Me too

    Yip Yip

    Hurray for CHANGE !


  37. Dark Knight says:

    Give the guy a break. CY is the best option – imagine Henry the oaf being there – $40 for an apple in Park ‘N Steal and 60 million for a 500 squre foot box left over from the Mainlanders who do not want it.
    Smug Wu is still due his sword of damoclees from his Ernst and Whinney days Accountancy Tribunal hearing. So Charles HO is the protector of the Bauhinia Foundation (forbidden under the FCTC Treaty) and Bow Tie offers cushy jobs to Bauhinia ‘consultants’ like Wu and others. They need to sink with the Oaf’s basement. As for Broomhead two faced Article 23 cow and Selina (google tobacco Selina Bacon Shone) and you wil see what conniving bitches they are.
    He should sweep out the whole lot of them including the prevaricating useless prick who is the Environment Minister. As for education well they really f’d up the chinese system here to the extent that the locals want their kids educated in ESF so the EDB do the local loss of face thing and refuse to subsidise the ESF to the same extent as the DSS schools. Meanwhile Govt tells the gwailo community there are actually spaces for those residing in Repulse Bay in Tuen Mun, if you have HKD 6 million for a debenture.
    One can only hope the ICAC does its job and charges Bow Tie then Henry the Oaf with malfeasance in public office plus a quick official secrets ordinance charge for the Oaf.

  38. Real Tax Payer says:

    @ Kan & Dark Knight

    You took my words entirely

    I FULLY ENDORSE everything you both wrote, especially your 08.09 AM statement , DK

    Bring back the RACK and let’s flog malfeasant Civil Servants ( OK , just the lash as per S’Pore)

  39. PropertyDeveloper says:

    Was slaving in the fields yesterday, so have just caught up. Hemlock did say Henry was preordained to win, but his comments/predictions on HK sociopolitical affairs are so many streets ahead of the safe, bland, implicitly colluding pap we’re fed most of the time, that he should be forgiven.

    Aghast made some good points, in impeccable style which always helps; but I very much hope RTP will continue posting a few times a day: nobody’s forced to read him.

    I really can’t see CY making substantive changes. He will have to act through his “ministers” and the civil service, and after a couple of failed new initiatives, his honeymoon period will inevitably grind to a halt.

  40. Zorro says:


    Not surprised u don’t see my point, methinks u will not see or are not willing to see any view not consistent with yours. See how u commanded RTP to shut-up on this august forum?

    The problem with the self appointed dems in HK – like your goodself – is that they think they are right all the time. Anyone who do not agree with them are deemed “not democratic.” If they are in power, they might even shut down forums like this one and lock RTP and meself up.

    As for CY, we all know he’s the best for now, and is more pop than ho, if u insist on quoting the unscientific, crappy polls like Kan said.

    You remind me of Mao’s mistress……………….

  41. Zorro says:


    If you read the IRD site carefully on stamp duty for transfers, the waiver is only granted to umbrella(associated) companies. We do not know whether the two companies used by ET and Lisa are deemed to be interlinked since they shared the same shareholders before ET relinquished his half share to her .

    IRD said BVIs are not exempt if they are not umbrella companies. If ET did pay up (not exempt) in 2010, he would be liable for not declaring the basement since he was not truthful about the actual size – thus affecting the true worth of the property and the calculation of the stamp duty. There is no case, as Webb said, if the two companies are exempted. But he would still have lied when he filled in the form where size was concerend.

    On government rates, he is still liable since he would not have reported the extra 2,200 feet in the assessment , before or after 2010, thus saving thousands over the years. The offence involves paying a fine plus two years’ jail……

    Keep up the good work, dear Shylock! All RTP comrades in HK want their pound of flesh!!!


  42. Slavia Wanderer says:

    I totally dig what Kan says about the vote. In fact it’s amazing that a surprising lot of university students are angry and easily manipulated. I met some of them within the student unions, and found that they know very little about HK’s history (except for the June 4 part) and its deep-seated problems, and they don’t care about learning them. They are all about protest and freedom, and ‘we against them’. At the end it seems to me that they have no idea what and why they are against.

  43. Earmuffs says:

    I have to agree with Aghast on Real Tax Payer. Silencing viewpoints is one thing; discouraging garbled, repetitious ranting is quite another. RTP, you are devolving into irritating white noise and you are drowning out the intelligent debate that characterises this place. Please consider exercising some damn moderation.

  44. Zorro says:


    u said:

    “The people of HK don’t support CY, and neither do the pan democrats.”

    Pls do not speak on behalf of everyone in HK, u sound like a character from an Orwellian nightmare.

    Pls let the rest of HK have their say as well. This is what democracy is all about.

    If you and yours are in power, it will be worse than singapore….or the cultural revo or Lenin’s tenure….

    CY – good or bad – is now our CE and we should give the bloke a chance.

  45. Real Tax Payer says:

    @ Zorro, Aghast et al

    RTP is alive and kicking

    I have no idea how Hemlock gets his act together and puts out the latest Big Lychee by about 11.30 AM , which time I eagerly wait for

    PS: There has been some fantastic stuff posted here recently.

    In the final months of Sir Bow Tie’s reign I thought I could do his job 2 x better lying down, asleep.

    But then when I wake up and think ” what would I do if in CY’s shoes ” I just want to go back to bed

    CY : if you are reading this ( as I hope you are )



  46. Xiaoyao says:

    How about a limit of one 250-word comment per person per day?

  47. Aghast says:

    Kan – point of information. You say about the POP poll that ‘The result has it that CY trailed the two other candidates in polling stations ballots, but was in the mid 30s on the internet vote, which coincides with pre-election polls. ‘

    Nope. You’re reading the tables wrong. CY got 18.4% of the online vote, while 31% of his votes came online. 57% of the online vote was abstention.

  48. chen tuk ying says:

    I fully agree with Aghast!
    It seems most of the contributors are now members of CY”s fanclub?!

  49. Kan says:

    My fault, I read the wrong table…
    but fact is fact..the poll is systematically biased…
    not to mention the fact that the required SMS fee for online/phone voting confirmation is going to scare off alot of the lower income class in HK who are holding onto their pennies now…they are Leung’s supporters in majority…
    and the fact that the pig beats CY by a 5% margin at voting booths and only beat Albert HO by 2% is a bit suspicious to me..and seeing that they switched to blank paper on the second day despite the fact that they’ve printed more of the regulated ballot,..the anti-wolf HKU student union can do alot to manipulate the outcome.

    All that in addition to what I’ve mentioned earlier about the polling station location and the SMS abstain votes…so really, fuck this poll…

  50. Kan says:

    80K voted at the booths, 22K students HKU in HK, 11K at HKU, 17K at City U, 28K at Polytech, etc…and the polling stations are right on their campuses and too far away for most HKers..and there are alot of anti-Leung sentiments on campus..

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