Another art exhibition opening night…

It’s over a month since we had one. This is on Friday at 6.30pm, at Kapok, 3 Sun Street, Wanchai. Illustrations – bright, colourful , cheerful and deceptively simple prints – by Tania Willis



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3 Responses to Another art exhibition opening night…

  1. the appalachianfanclub says:

    As the proud owner of one of Tania Willis’s illustrations, I urge others to check out her unconventional, bold and witty depiction of Hong Kong life.

  2. cecilie says:

    I love Tania’s stuff. She deserves world fame.

  3. Des Espoir says:

    I too have a genuine Willis in my private collection, and I treasure it. She is a lady of great talent, and I look forward to her exhibition.

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