Entangler to tow urn jaws, oddly

What to make of Gannon Walter Sutter Jow, an American charged with a murder in Tsim Sha Tsui on Wednesday?

Worn ten gnu jaws, Loretta?

Nouns: grater, town, jet, law;
__entrust Anne to growl “jaw.”
Ten anal jug torrents – wow!
__Art just won’t enlarge now.

Jon tugs rental townwear;
__Ron won’t strangulate Jew.
New jog rot – ‘twas unlearnt!
__Joust! Or we twang lantern!

Orangutan jolts wet wren:
__lent two jaguars worn net.
Glutton Jane rants: “We row!
__Tug ten trawlers now, Joan!”

Gannets wrote “Nut jar low –
__arrogant owl wets jet nun.”
Town egret wants journal,
__jots: “Got wren war annulet.”

We own Tung’s tolerant raj.

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4 Responses to Entangler to tow urn jaws, oddly

  1. Jack Russell says:

    Whatever happened to that Aussia that made the cab driver crash and die last year? Do they put them all in the same bin, like in Midnight Express?

  2. maugrim says:

    Jack Russell, that Aussie is currently serving the cruelest punishment available to our courts, Donald Tsang’s PR assistant.

  3. PETE says:

    the pic says most of what you need to know:


  4. cecilie says:

    You used a website, right? Please don’t tell me you just did those anagrams offhand.

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