Not a blog, either

Not The South China Morning Post, the famously rude and crude satirical Hong Kong website and media franchise founded by Dr George Adams in 1995, is reborn yet again in the next stage of the great karmic cycle of consciousness.

This latest version is not to be confused with a blog, because blogs, whatever their easiness on the eye, are common and mostly stink.  Also, you wouldn’t find anything as vulgar as a blog on the website of Oxford Tutors, an up-and-coming educational service offering to teach the Big Lychee’s children all their favourite important academic subjects.  Blogs are stupid, but what ambitious parents can possibly look at NTSCMP, with features like Dog Pram of the Month, and not feel inspired to entrust their slightly slow kid’s supplementary schooling to its creator?

Catch it before it goes the way of its noble predecessors (see the first) in its long journey to cosmic enlightenment.

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  1. Virgil Tibbs says:

    No thanks. Not even the first time.

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