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Mid-summer break

Next week will take place in Taiwan – a country that’s so nice it attracts almost mawkish adoration. One of the many great achievements of China’s Chairman-of-Everything-for-Life Xi Jinping and his last-seen-comatose Hong Kong punchbag Carrie Lam is to bring … Continue reading

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Or you might believe it’s this awful by accident

Quoting (as in ‘being used by’) anonymous sources, the SCMP reports that Beijing is going to change its approach to Hong Kong. The outline is vague and largely yawn-inducing: stick with the local administration for now (for want of an … Continue reading

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Mid-week reading…

(Devastatingly, I have some real work to do.) An article in New Statesman examines the declining reputation of the HK Police, and asks why people still join the force. (Yes, it’s the pay.) This applies throughout Hong Kong’s public sector: … Continue reading

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Maybe the government could ban itself from assembling…

Chief Executive Carrie Lam is considering ‘martial law’-type emergency regulations that would allow her to ban public gatherings – according to Apple Daily. Reasons to believe something like this is possible… It would explain the HK Police kettling, shopping-mall rampaging … Continue reading

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Weird scenes inside the shopping mall

Hong Kong’s demonstrations spread to the suburbs, namely Shatin (and on Saturday, Sheung Shui, plus a downtown press march). Students of urban geography and crowd control will see a pattern. The police tactics that fail to work in the sterile … Continue reading

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Let’s play ‘Connect with the community’!

The Hong Kong government’s finest minds (!) are currently working overtime exploring ways our top leadership can Connect With The Community. Unfortunately, they must operate under several constraints. First, one of the problems about being totally cut off from public … Continue reading

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Bad timing

As we all know from the official-unofficial leaked true-facts version of the story, Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam pretty much planned, launched and directed the whole extradition fiasco single-handed. The most interesting thing about this account is that, of … Continue reading

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Some mid-week links for the gentry

An LA Times piece describes Hong Kong’s mood as a type of great awakening. With Lennon Walls proliferating, more marches planned, and the government apparently driven by an unseen overpowering force to provoke ever more hostility from the broad middle-ground … Continue reading

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A government even more useless than it looks

From CCP loyalist Tsang Yok-sing to pro-Beijing business figures to Anson Chan and moderate pro-democrats, the events of the last month have come as such a shock that they are agreed on one thing: Hong Kong’s political structure is dysfunctional … Continue reading

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Carrie oozes charm on-line

Another weekend, another – not one, but 2.5 protests: an interesting anti-dama one and the Tsimshatsui Mainlander-leafletting march that morphed into another display of cops out of their depth. At best, it seems the HK Police see mass opposition to … Continue reading

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