No wonder they’re breeding like rabbits

What should be done about the poverty-stricken street sleepers in Shamshuipo? Restaurant owner Chan Cheuk-ming achieved public acclaim a while ago for giving them free meals. But district officials were unimpressed, accusing him of ‘encouraging’ the indigent, and attracting more of them to come prowling into the neighbourhood. The bureaucrats had been considering a ‘capture-neuter-release’ scheme as a humane alternative to swifter, permanent solutions to the problem. Now this sentimental old man comes along with legions of gullible teenage fans, handing out lunch boxes and leading the homeless and poor to expect regular food.

But Chan has hit back, and the soft-hearted popular mood seems to be with him, leaving the Home Affairs and Social Welfare departments in the humiliating position of having to apologize to the very community they are supposed to be controlling, and even publicly endorsing the Pei Ho Restaurant’s reckless interference in the natural Darwinian order.

There is an obvious echo here with the recent drama over handouts for people living in substandard housing. One minute, officials rule out including residents of illegal dwellings, because illegal dwellings are illegal. Then, under pressure from an over-emotional and mawkish public, they backtrack, giving carte-blanche to people who have a wide choice of perfectly good flyovers to sleep under to move into old factories that the law strictly says may not be used as housing. Chief Secretary Carrie Lam obeys that law – so should everyone else.

For those whose diligence, sobriety and hard work keep them from being a burden on their fellow man, I declare the weekend open.



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7 Responses to No wonder they’re breeding like rabbits

  1. Capitalists and dividend collectors are the biggest burden on society and society, history shows, knows what to do with them.

    One day cauldrons of soup topple over and become barricades.

    In Russia meanwhile, a Third World War is brewing, but it won’t affect Hong Kong until the panic starts.

    Il faut manger notre congee.

  2. The Regulator says:

    In its majesty, The Law equally forbids the rich as well as the poor from sleeping under bridges

  3. jing says:

    If there was ever a story to showcase the gulf between the worst-off and the
    bureaucrats whose highly-paid jobs it is to assist them, it is this.

    Chan for CE.

  4. Regislea says:

    There’s something about measuring the worth of a society about how it treats its most vulnerable?

    Street sleepers

    Little old ladies collecting cardboard

    Domestic Helpers

    Tycoons when the revolution starts

    Any additions, on a postcard please to . . . .

    No correspondence will be entered into.

  5. Gin Soaked Boy says:

    Going off topic. Did everyone else giggle with embarrassment listening to Emily LAU on Radio 3 this morning, trying to justify why Fat Albert HO and Gormless James TO need not be disciplined for their corrupt behavior. The double speak and convoluted explanation she presented was masterful … I take everything back, she is clearly ready for government.

  6. Just in..

    RTHK replies to NTSCMP’s complaint over harassment of Alphais Lam and that four protesters do not constitute a “petition”…

    Should we add it to the Twat Monologues section? Probably.

  7. ( . ) ( . ) says:

    @ Regis

    Revolution is horse medicine and its effects are only temporary. But, yes, it is exactly what the doctor should order for Hong Kong.

    The tycoon-civil service collusion, the monopolists, the New Territory gangsters, the investment bankers, the cartel scum, the politicians serving vested interests in order to line their pockets (Arculli, Vagina Ip, Jasper)……… with their heads !!

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