One final gratuitous plug…

… for that exhibition, which opens tonight at Zee Stone, Hollywood Rd.

To read HK Magazine’s description, Hemlock combines the towering might of both Rembrandt and Nuri Vittachi. Even if we allow for some exaggeration, I can safely say that the works are impressively big, bright (mostly), busy, not to say reasonably priced at HK$1,000-2,000. Along with their novelty, curiosity, souvenir and alleged aesthetic value, they also offer scarcity. Prints of Warhol’s Banana are out there in the hundreds, and everyone’s got a Toulouse Lautrec or 1920s Shanghai poster on the wall, but there will only ever be 10 signed copies of Sir David Akers-Jones Psychedelic Freakout. Guaranteed to get dinner party guests talking, at least after they leave. And, yes, it’s for a good, if slightly-too-trendy-these-days, cause.

Remember, you will never actually own one: you will simply be looking after it for the next generation.


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8 Responses to One final gratuitous plug…

  1. pcrghlll says:

    Comparing yourself with the great Vittachi? Hubris, my friend…

  2. Peanut Wong says:

    ahhh, dinner-pahtees……..

    You just gave away your age, Hemlock.

  3. Adrian says:

    I have to say Hemlock – the images you throw together to accompany your posts are the worst things on this site. Even worse than that weirdo who pops up in the comments all time trying to bait people with odd racist trolling.

    Hope the exhibition goes well, but please stop making the images.

  4. Klaxon says:

    I’m digging this stuff, Adrian. If HK had any interest in putting itself on the map in terms of cultural production, Hemlock would be representing the city in the next Venice Biennale.

  5. Zee Stone says:

    Hope to see the Hemlock readership at the opening this evening, Maugrim, Tin Fu Fong, China Droll and the rest of the gang, all are welcome; I assure you that the wine will be drinkable – and there’ll be food.

    Also – “Homage – the Soundtrack” will be playing!

  6. Tiu Fu Fong says:

    I’m not allowed out on school nights. Maybe on the weekend. However, breaking the fourth wall by extending on-screen frivolity to real life experience may be too much for my poor heart.

    Let us know if some pudding-faced Brit makes a loud scene trying to get people to listen to him and post the photographs so we all know who HC/LM is in real life.

  7. Maugrim says:

    Thanks Zee, that’s kind of you. I might pop in over the weekend.

  8. L Boogie says:


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