But I’m sure they’re grateful to you for trying

There are obnoxious, intolerant, Bible-bashing do-gooders determined to spread their version of Godliness by sending the cops to raid art galleries, packing out citizens’ panels on obscene material and teaching that the universe is 6,000 years old. Then there are the calmer and more modest devout who believe there is a purpose to good works and seek to make others’ lives better as an end in itself.

An example is Hong Kong Christian Service, who would probably qualify for a Gold Bauhinia Star if the medals hadn’t all been awarded to fawning shoe-shiners and operators of cartels. For example, there are few causes less popular in this city than brown people. But the HKCS nobly ‘reaches out’ to these ethnic-minority youngsters, many of whose futures comprise low-paid restaurant work at best, drug-dealing at worst. It almost brings tears to the eyes to see they have named one project the South Asian Happy Teens Club, as if calling the kids that will make it happen.

A similar unwillingness to openly face the unpleasant truth is evident today in the HKCS’s shocked announcement that more than half of young drug abusers suffer relapses. They do so, reports the Standard, because…

…those under 21 are not fully mature and lack the analytical skills to say no to friends.

“It is not easy to say no under peer pressure or influence. This kind of seduction can occur at various times and at venues such as bars or among groups of drug-abuser friends,” [treatment center supervisor Wendy] Hon said.

“For fear of ruining a friendship, youths may agree to retake drugs when asked by their good friends even while they are under treatment.”

What can we say to poor Wendy and the other well-meaning folk at the HKCS? I have a horrible suspicion that you are fooling yourselves here. The kids are undergoing your rehab to get the social workers and cops off their backs. They’ve told you they’re off drugs because it’s what you want to hear. They have gone on popping pills all along because they it’s fun and they enjoy it – no lack of analytical skills, peer pressure or fear of ruining a relationship necessary.

They’re having sex too. And no, they won’t stop for Christmas.

It really hurts to spoil some people’s day, but what can you do?

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4 Responses to But I’m sure they’re grateful to you for trying

  1. Phyllis Stein says:

    Quite right. Anything which opposes natural Hong Kong Philistinism is to be resisted.

  2. Maugrim says:

    lol, the happy face on the logo even has a diferent hue. By the way, aren’t south Asians us Hongkies or those from Indonesia?

  3. Deepwell Dave says:

    You spend too much time crawling the web to find these sites – how else did you become aware of this happy teens club ?

  4. Vile Traveller says:

    You mean you haven’t yet set up your “mygovhk” preferences to alert you to worthwhile causes, Dave?!

    Go now to http://www.gov.hk/en/about/multimedia/mygovhk/

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