Hemlock's Recipes

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Coq au Vin
Mid Levels Escalator Spicy Soup Noodles
More to Come!!!
Links to recipe sites and other  gastronomically noteworthy
on-line resources
SOAR - the Searchable On-line
Archive of Recipes
Dating from 1993 (on Usenet), on theWeb since 95.  Now with 70,000+ ethnic (including Tibetan and Eskimo) and globalized-US recipes, and a search engine
Essentially an advertisement for "The Blow Health Out Your Ass" cookbook, but contains some sample recipes, such as the horrendous-sounding lamb chops stuffed with gorgonzola.
Death by Curry
Mostly Indian. Indexed and cross-referenced by type or by firiness
Hollywood Road Zoroastrian Egg Vindaloo
D'Aguilar Spanish Omelette
Amazing Thai Salad
Harissa - Moroccan Chili Sauce
Portuguese Cabbage in Wine
The Gunner
Quick and Dirty Stew - Arabian or French
Green Chili
Pasta and Meatballs