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Guy in HK   .     China Elections Blog   .  Hong Kong Columns   .

Hongkie Town . Bad Canto .    Free Hong Kong .  Vivienne Chow .

.   Hong Wrong .    Angry Hong KongHomemade in Hong Kong  .

China Droll . Alice Poon . Foamier .   HKCoaster

Joyceyland . Ulaca . Learning Cantonese

Shaky Kaiser . Dai Tou LamJust Say It .   Land of No CheesePeaker .   Hong Wrong

The Blacksmith Blog
The Toilet Bar

Fai Mo’s Sandbox . Secret Lives of Man

Eldon Online . Big White Guy

Ordinary Gweilo . Milton J Madison

Chopped Onions . Gweipo . Smog’s Blog

Hong Kong or Bust . The Libertines Pub

Rothwell-Gornt Holdings . Stuart Wolfendale Writes .    A Hong Kong Perspective

E-zines, etc

Webb-site.comBatgungNot The South China Morning Post .   Asian Sentinel .   Asia Times Online  . Hong Kong Journal .     Next Magazine’s English column .
Lamma-zine .    Traveller’s Tales .   Art Radar Asia

HK Specialist blogs – IT, animals, photos, travel, food, etc

IT: HKMacs (Apple Macs) . Thomas Crampton .    Loose Wire . Hong Kong Tech Phooey

art/photos:  Small Editions (online sale of Tania Willis art prints) .       Hong Kong Paintings (must see) .   Alex Hofford Photography . Intuitive Observations . Cloudless .    Mister Bijou .   Photos from Spike of Hongkietown .

wildlife photos:  John’s Birding Blog . Birds, bugs, etc not-so-wild life photos: Animals in Photos by Ali and Caroline

food:   Chaxiubao . green: Efficiency Freak . uni pol course: HK and the World . weather: The HK Observatory Director’s Blog .  pop culture:  Hong Kong Pop .  history:  Gwulo: Old Hong Kong .  voodoo:  The Pitch HK . Lamma: Lamma-zine . travel: Hong Kong/Macau Travel

Overseas blogsOverseas

Chase me ladies, I’m in the cavalry

Singapore Donkey

China Blog List

Some more HK blogs

Evening SkyMister Bijou
Private Beach


Lesley in Hong Kong

Beneath the Peak

Mr Jam

Wandering Jew
The Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Learn


Simon World

See Lai
Nude King
Wankersin  (Piece of Mind)
Blog the Talk

N8Ma  Nathan Madsen

¿ntelligent life?

Give me spirit fingers dammit!!

What Comes to Pass


wee whale adventures


Fumier Resartus

3 Responses to Links

  1. nikki says:

    just missing you after all these years, where are you now?

  2. HKMacs says:

    Moved and revived!

  3. Old Newcomer says:

    Your link for my Private Beach blog doesn’t work. Try instead. Some of the others here seem to be dead as well.

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