Diary entries - 11
Not the South China Morning Post

Dear Gentle Readers,

Sweetie Darlings, the american floating sex shop is back in town.   The �phones were all engaged last weekend whilst you all let each other know that there were thousands of seamen in need of depositing their semen in Hong Kong, It was bolly and stolly all round !!!

Edina and myself forced our way up the hill to that den of depravity, the name  of which I refuse to print in this esteemed publication , to entertain the seamen on the dance floor.  Once there I  just had to take the one with the tightest buns back to my bedroom to see how far he could bounce off the walls.   There were some real womb droppers there that night, all of who could have pugwashed my face !

Whilst Edina and myself were there bopping away in the middle of the dance floor to the latest sounds permitted in this ex Colony I had to stop and check my credometer. My god I was correct - they were playing Belinda Carlisle and there was I and Edina innocently wiggling our arses across the dance floor - it�s not something that you should really be grooving to, now is it?   Well let�s face it- you�ve done it, we�ve all done it, I�ve seen you do it and I must say that I wasn�t too embarrassed about it !     I must say that once I realised that it was in fact B.C. I froze in handbag terror to check my hearing !   But once I had frozen, checked both my hearing and credometer, I was suddenly swept away in a mass of hand waving hysteria as the floor was attacked by an ensuing base line and a piano rip off  which Liberace  would have been proud of.

Have you ever stopped to listen to the �lyrics� of some of the tunes which find favour amongst us gorgeous  fabulous people?   �Drop Dead Gorgeous� by Republica has an absolutely fabulous line ; �When I look at you you�re forgiven� I know my ex-boyfriend lies, he does it all the time, it�s just his permanent disguise, yeah , yeah he�s drop dead gorgeous�   What about some of the titles ? :
�Your caress� by DJ Flavours, , �out of this World� by Chemical Brothers (very chemical) , �Bitch� by Way Out West & Trade, �Space Cowboy� (is that referring to CX trolley dollies ?) and �Cosmic Girl� by Todd Terry, or the best of the latest has to be �Have Fun� by Coma B is really a hands in the air ditty - well for Edina its more hands up your arse.

It�s such a shame to see the attention that this kind of fabulous music is received by the local populace here, a quick two step is about the limit of their participation.    Mind you have you seen how uncoordinated some of them are ?   Their arms are moderately swaying to one rhythm whilst their legs are tapping to something completely different to their arms, neither of which is in rhythm to the actual music playing.    With ear, arm, leg co-ordination like that they most definitely  wouldn�t be trialists for the New Zealand All Black rugby team , except of course to scrub the players backs in the showers after a match or to peel the players grapes  !

So Sweetie darlings, after the americans what is next on the social calendar for us, well of course there�s boyzown cumming to town, then there is Aida for the opera queens but not much else on the horizon.  Never mind there�s still the shopping malls and with the better weather cumming, there�s also the beaches to do.

It�s a sad fact about life here in HKG but there are more advertisers in HKG on the webpersonals than any other country (excluding USA).    It�s something to do with the fact that the local population just can�t be bothered to have interfacial contact with real human beings, rather have sex through the impersonal computer screen !    Well the good side of this is that that leaves more of those delectable NYM�s for myself !!!  Yum yum.

This week has been a very sad and tragic  week for all gay people around the world.   I am of course referring to the loss of our beloved Diana, Princess of Wales.     As gay people we all know of the misunderstanding we all suffered with the AIDs epidemic in the 80�s.    The Princess of Wales was the only world dignitary  who showed any humanity in this dreadful saga.   It was Diana who held hands with a dying AIDS victim in London , no other world leader has done the same since.  It was Diana who taught the rest of the world that you cannot catch AIDS through normal contact of life.  For that Diana, I thank-you from the bottom of my heart. 

Of course Diana has done more than just hold hands with AIDS victims within our community in London, it was Diana who was due to be here next month to raise money for a hospice in Hong Kong. It was Diana who raised the issue of Land mines to the world leaders, it was Diana who brought world attention to leprosy and several other human issues of our times.

Diana was not doing all of these charitable events for the publicity, she didn�t need to.  I was her wish in life to help others.   To this end Diana, you have achieved your wish, without you many issues would not have received the attention which they so deservedly deserve.

Yes I think the town will be very quite and somber on Saturday evening here in Hong Kong as we all sit and watch the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales and reflect on the goodness which she alone gave the world. Many tears have already been shed, many more are about to be shed on Saturday.

Thank you Diana, Princess of Wales , from us all in the world gay community.

Keep it up and keep it safe,